Our Five Senses

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Our Five Senses by Mind Map: Our Five Senses

1. Taste: We use our TONGUE to taste!

1.1. We use our tongues to taste the foods that we love...

1.2. And the foods that we don't love!

2. Smell: We use our NOSE to smell!

2.1. We use our nose to smell flowers...

2.2. Garbage...

2.3. or perfume!

3. Sight: We use our EYES to see!

3.1. We use our eyes to watch our favorite movies

3.2. or look at the white board during our class lessons!

4. Touch: We feel things throughout our entire BODY!

4.1. We use our sense of touch when we hold someone's hand...

4.2. Get a flu shot..

4.3. Or warm our hands by the fire!

5. Hearing: We use our EARS to hear!

5.1. We use our ears to listen to and participate in daily conversations with our friends and family!

5.2. We use our ears to listen listen to music, and hear different sounds, beats, and rhythms throughout the day!