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Nebular University by Mind Map: Nebular University
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Nebular University


Vocational Studies

Youngs to the jobmarket

New career alternative for young people

Extension Studies

Somea Oy Education 2.0

ICT Consultancy

Web Solutions Provider

Edu 2.0

Ext. Central Finland

Ext. East Finland


Academic Partners

University of Linköping Sweden

TYT Institute of Extension Studies

Enterprise 2.0, Office 2.0, Social Media, Enterpreneurship, Agile Marketing Tech

ICTSM, Office 2.0, Zoho Office Suite, Google Docs, Live Office, Social Media, FaceBook, Wiki, Blog, Qaiku, LinkedIN, CMS, Joomla, Magento, ePages, Drupal, Cloud Computing Architecture, OS, Web OS, Operation Systems, Virtualisation, Server, Workstation, Web 2.0, Solutions, SaaS, Intranet, Extranet, Web Portals, CRM, HRM, Development Tools & Apps, AWD, PHP, Ajax, Java, Frameworks, Zoho Creator, Project Management, PM Apps, Manymoon, Zoho Project, Gantt, Planning, Mindmaping, Worktraking, Smartsheets, Etherpad, Business Intelligence, Reporting Tools, Data Mining, Agile Marketing Tech

AWE, Agile Web Dev, ICT Systems

Project 2.0, Projec Management, Academic PM

NGO's parthers

Tinku Finland

Kawsay Bolivia


Social Media


Project Management

Community's Leadership

Forest Conservation


TYT Edu 2.0

intra, Project Management, Wiki, Google Education


Google Apps

Zoho Apps

Google Education

Educational Materials Development & Production

Web 2.0 for elders