How WEB 2.0 could be used by busineses

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How WEB 2.0 could be used by busineses by Mind Map: How WEB 2.0 could be used by busineses

1. They can use it as a marketing ploy

1.1. they can use it to promote their brands

1.2. They can sell their products on social networks like facebook and twitter

2. They can make use of Blogs

2.1. They can publish their stories and business information on the blog

2.2. They can also use the blog to link up other businesses that they work with

2.2.1. this blog can be used for the businesses to interact with each other and to trade information

2.3. They can also publish their opinions on certain aspects of the company or the country

2.3.1. these opinions can help the public see who the business feels about certain aspects and it can benefit the business alot if used wisely

2.4. The Blog can be used for senior employees to communicate with junior employees

2.4.1. From this they can also communicate with customers and suppliers

2.5. communicate with your customers

2.5.1. get their views and inputs on your business or product

3. They can use RSS

3.1. Which stands for Rich Summit Summary or Really Simple Syndication

3.2. They can use RSS to Syndicate their web site content to other web sites settings who show interest

3.2.1. they can link to social networks using RSS People on the social network will rate the product or service on offer and this will help the business improve their product or service

3.3. It will benefit them because computer users can store the information they obtained and later view or use it

3.3.1. they will need to subscribe but once they have they will stay updated on the werabouts of the business they can stay updated without needind to visiot yor site

3.4. it will allow managers to deliver news yo employees which is of graet relevence to the employees job

4. By the use of Wikis

4.1. The compoany or business can add information on a wiki

4.1.1. and viewers can read and add onto the information

4.2. The viewers can add their opions on the subject at hand which will help the business improve in that aspect

4.3. They can add sales information and sales pitches through a wiki

4.3.1. and instead of always developing a new sales pitch they can use the information uploaded by the viewers to see what alterations need to be done

4.4. A new concept or product concept can be uploaded via a wiki

4.4.1. once this concept has been uploaded they can use inputs given by viewers to perfect the produt

5. by building brand awerness

5.1. link the business up with a search engin

5.1.1. this way individuals will not have trouble locating information concernig your business

5.2. by creating your own website

5.2.1. then once you have created your own website link it up with a search engin or a social network

6. collaboration place

6.1. The marketers can collaborate with the advertisers using WEB 2.0

6.1.1. this will make for faster and effective working

7. They can use them for Photo and video sharing

7.1. They upload images of the business or of the business' product or service

7.2. they can upload videos containing one-on-one chats with the CEO or Marketer or financial advisor ETC.