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New ICT Curriculum by Mind Map: New ICT Curriculum
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New ICT Curriculum

Internet Confident Child

Understands Technologies Limits


Challenges information

Evaluates Risks

Protects Friends

Nurtures positive identity


Knows the difference between a desktop publishing program like Publisher and a Word processor and when to use either.

Is confident in creating and editing text

Can work collaboratively with others in editing and refining text

Knows how to draft work and improve it using a wordprocessor

Understands the benefits of saving regularly or creating versions of a document

Understands the negative and positive benefits of a collaborative online word processor compared with an offline word processor

Possible Programs MS Word or Google Document

Desktop Publishing

Knows the difference between a desktop publishing program and a word processor and understands when to use either

Understands the importance of consistent style in the creation of posters, fliers, visually important media

Knows how to combine text and picture to further the aims of the document

Knows how to move and arrange elements within a document to improve the aims of the document

Logical Programming

Can create commands in code which translate to action on the screen

Can build up sets of commands and save these for multiple use

Knows how to use the repeated command to save time

Understands the principles of nesting, placing one set of commands with another set of commands.

Understands angles within a practical environment

Possible programs MSW Logo (We use at present) Scratch (Has online upload) good for encouraging cyber citizenship


Up until now we have created databases which have been very difficult to use within the wider curriculum. If we were to move to creating and analysing surveys which are very similar in concept we would find a lot more scope for integration.

Knows what a survey and database are and be able to understand the differences

Knows where databases and surveys are used in school and online

Can create a survey using a variety of different question types. Understands the limitations of question types

Able to match the type of question to the type of information wanted.

Can analyse and explain the results in a way useful to a wider project

Is able to use percentages in a real way

Able to create a use branching database

Possible Programs Google Survey & Online databases

CD Use

I have always left this out of the present curriculum and recommend that we leave it out of the new curriculum it has mostly been overtaken by the rise of the internet


Understands that computers can be made to control external engines (Lights, motors, buzzers etc)

Realises that this technology is all around us and can be seen in everything from traffic lights to automatic doors

Can create a simple program to control external engines

Can adapt a simple program to control external engines to respond to changed circumstances

Can build simple sub procedures to develop more complex programs to control external engines


Can create a graph from real data using a spreadsheet program

Can use a spreadsheet to investigate pattern within number

Can use a spreadsheet to model and hypothesise about costings


Is able to map their thoughts quickly and easily using mind mapping software

Is able to collaborate in project design through the medium of mind mapping