Vampire Conventions

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Vampire Conventions by Mind Map: Vampire  Conventions

1. The colour red

1.1. BLOOD is the most obvious convention when looking at the vampire genre, as well as being a big influence over the colour of other aspects of films as this is the main aspect of a vampire.

2. Weaknesses

2.1. Religion

2.1.1. Vampires have many weaknesses related to religion such as the cross and holy water.

2.2. SUNLIGHT is the most common weakness to a vampire, burning up into ash when stepping into it.

2.3. Garlic

3. Night setting

3.1. This is mostly to do with how vampires are mostly used in the HORROR genre, the use of the dark setting makes the film more scary to the audience.

3.1.1. A lot of films are set in graveyards due to vampires being undead creatures.

4. Sexualisation

4.1. In many vampire films and TV shows recently has had this sexual element to it as audiences have now come to find something sexy and attractive about vampire characters.

4.1.1. This could be because of how it could be something FORBBIDEN

4.1.2. Shows such as "True Blood" have used sexual shots in their opening to show the vampire character as something sexy.

5. Appearance

5.1. FANGS is the biggest convention for vampire films as this essentially makes vampire character. The use of pale skin is also common.

5.2. Makeup

5.2.1. This is mostly about the use of red lipstick that can be used to represent a vampire, mostly for female characters. This is shown in True Blood.