Collaborative Publication

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Collaborative Publication by Mind Map: Collaborative Publication

1. Publishing Process

1.1. Research

1.2. Rough Draft

1.3. Peer Review

1.4. Publish

2. Assignments

2.1. book review

2.1.1. this might be the first article for JMS; same for CMS. We might also have Ss tag AR levels to create a database of reviewed books.

2.1.2. Reqs: full essay provide A.R. level (to be tagged on blog) explains conflict, summary, characters, why the book is good t read take feedback into consideration provide heading and tagline pic of book

2.1.3. model is complete

2.1.4. samples: we have some student samples, no professional samples

2.2. research: informational interview

2.2.1. Student will learn about a topic by interviewing a subject matter expert

2.2.2. interview is relevant to article makes persuasive point informs on issue using researched knowledge can include picture or video

2.2.3. possible topics, school related: CAREER low test scores keep/remove athletics nutritional food homework and tutoring extracurricular activities making class hands-on uniforms computers in classroom music in schools foreign languages (in school or learning one)

2.2.4. models Alex interviews look RE: cooking for yourself for better living, and records him preparing a simple meal (like an omelet)

2.2.5. samples: we have a bunch of student samples

2.3. persuasive: research-based editorial

2.3.1. Students will persuade reader to make change or keep something the same using research and interview

2.3.2. possible topics, the world healthy eating gardening conserving energy learning from the world traveling

2.3.3. Students may propose another piece

2.3.4. model Luke interviews Alex RE: ??? traveling? technology in the classroom?

2.3.5. samples: NONE

3. guests and resources

3.1. video conference with another class

3.2. film

3.2.1. newsies?

3.2.2. documentary?

3.3. journalists

3.3.1. Watchman

3.3.2. East Feliciana Voices

3.4. magazines/books/web pages

3.4.1. Sports Illustrated for kids


3.4.3. national geographic for kids



3.5. instructional

3.5.1. videos about the news:

4. Misc Ideas

4.1. encourage community members to comment or otherwise contribute

4.2. collaborative article (two people)

4.3. video tour or video interview

4.4. polls / votes

4.4.1. one kid suggested reviewing all of the pizza places in the parish and allowing people to vote on a poll

4.5. consider giving assignments in groups (or by class) to increase diversity of posts each week

4.6. tag posts "best of" for a printed compilation

5. To-Do

5.1. introduction

5.1.1. find vids for journalism


5.2. book review

5.2.1. vids for book review (reading rainbow?)

5.2.2. COMPLETE rubric lesson plans make copies of samples to scan

5.3. interview

5.3.1. create interview sample fro web page

5.3.2. vids for interview (20-20? nick news?)

5.3.3. lesson plans

5.3.4. interview sheet

5.3.5. COMPLETE edit student samples make copies of sample professional interview articles from textbook (Mr. Salinsky can scan the copies) rubric

5.4. editorial

5.4.1. create editorial sample for web page

5.4.2. vids for editorial

5.4.3. lesson plans

5.4.4. assignment write-up

5.4.5. interview sheet

5.4.6. COMPLETE rubric copy samples from textbook

5.5. unveiling

5.5.1. parent invitation

5.5.2. logistics/activities for day

5.5.3. invite journalists