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1. What is Tikatok?:

1.1. A site that is made for children in K-6 to create their own stories and books within their classroom. These stories can be shared or made into actual books! Pictures or other images can be intermixed with the text and they will have created a whole story all by themselves. There are also different prompts to help them out if they want or need an idea to get started.

2. Payment: The "basic" version is $14.00, the "digital plus" version is $75.00, and the "premium" version is $399.00 (These are the current prices until 10/31/14- 30% off)

2.1. Basic: 1-year subscription to TikaTok.com, access to all StorySpark project templates, all classroom management functionality, and unlimited student accounts

2.1.1. Can you download and print the books or just view them digitally? (S. Enge) The digital version is a great way for parents to see what stories students are working on that day at home. (A. Devereaux) It looks like you can do both; I think the different membership levels just affect quantity and price, but you still have access to both versions. (J. Shumway)

2.2. Digital Plus: Everything offered under basic plus: unlimited digital eBook downloads and 15% off all hardcover and softcover book purchases

2.3. Premium: Everything offered under basic plus: unlimited digital eBook downloads, 25 custom-printed hardcover or softcover books, and free shipping on the first 25 printed books

3. Subjects available to students to use to write their books:

3.1. Projects

3.1.1. Literacy

3.1.2. Social Students

3.1.3. Science

3.1.4. Math

3.1.5. Art

3.2. Several different Writing Prompts to choose from

4. Website: www.tikatok.com

5. Other Information

5.1. All projects and prompts aligned with K-6 Common Core Standards

5.1.1. It's interesting that the prompts are aligned with the Common Core. (S. Enge)

5.2. Several pre-made lesson plans for teachers to use based on Tikatok projects to enhance classroom experience and teach about a specific theme

5.2.1. I'm not a fan of pre-made lesson plans. The lesson is only as good as the teacher and how it is taught. Is there a way for teachers to go in and modify these lessons to meet their needs? This would make it more applicable/collaborative. -Dr. Fritz

6. Classroom Enhancement Ideas

6.1. Allows student to have their own unique learning process and take ownership of their specific book

6.2. Allows Multiple Intelligences to be used, because they can go about creating their book in any way they choose

6.3. Can be used with any type of lesson to enhance the topic and allow the students to use their own creative ability to help teach themselves. Allows for less whole-class direct instruction.

7. Callaboration

7.1. Students can collaborate with one another in several ways using this tool

7.1.1. Read each others stories and edit or provide feedback to each other

7.1.2. Create books in groups or partners

7.1.3. One student can write and one can illustrate and come together to make a book

7.2. I like that this tool provides several different ways for collaboration to occur. This will give students and teachers more options depending on the nature of a given assignment. Maybe students could even write reviews based on their peer's work instead of small comments? Students in an elementray classroom might even be responsible for 1 page each, and work together to make a class book! -C Natter

7.3. I think this tool would be interesting to use in conjunction with other social media software, so that students in one school could partner with students in another school (perhaps even another country) to build a book together... I wonder how easy it would be to do something like that. (J. Shumway)