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Romanticism by Mind Map: Romanticism

1. Literature

1.1. Gothic Literature: Nature has the power of destruction

1.2. "Sturm und Drang" -Goethe

1.2.1. Faust

2. Characteristics

2.1. Desired to relise emotions and archive freedom

2.2. Freedom and independence

2.3. new and visionary relationship to the imagination

2.4. The mood is indicated through the weather

2.5. Nature imagery

2.6. as real as possible / eventually super natural

2.7. everyday things become special, wonderful, inspiring

2.8. Characters

2.8.1. Antagonist epitome of evil

2.8.2. Protagonist Usually isolated sympathy with the lower class

3. Authors

3.1. discouraged liberales

3.2. escape the harsh realities of the world

3.3. solitude in nature

3.4. Examples

3.4.1. Emily Brontë

3.4.2. Mary Shelley

3.4.3. Byron

4. Historical Background

4.1. 1789 French Revolution

4.2. 1804 Napoleon was crowned