Natural Hazards

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Natural Hazards by Mind Map: Natural Hazards

1. Location

1.1. Japan

1.2. Hong Kong

1.3. U.S.A

1.4. Haiti

1.5. Myanma

2. Impacts

2.1. Environment

2.1.1. The Volcanic Eruption kills lots of the trees and plants also the volcano makes the water turn acidic and kills all the marine life around there,

2.1.2. The huge Tsunami wave wipes out massive areas of trees and plants.

2.2. Economy

2.2.1. After a Natural Hazard all the damages have to be repaired and that is a lot of money to repair a lot of houses and buildings.

2.3. People

2.3.1. After a Natural Hazard a lot of people have died. Those that have survived have probably lost family members, there home and jobs.

3. Prevention

3.1. You can not prevent a Natural Hazard but you can lesson the impact with proper planning

4. Protection

4.1. Tsunami

4.1.1. Walls

4.1.2. Warning Signals

4.1.3. Get to high ground

4.2. Volcano Eruption

4.2.1. Know evacuation route

4.2.2. Keep petrol in your car

4.2.3. If you live near a volcano keep a set of gas masks and a torch

4.3. Earthquake

4.3.1. Building not too tall

4.3.2. Specially designed buildings that can withstand some earthquakes

4.4. Typhoon/Hurricane/Cyclone

4.4.1. Warning Signals

4.4.2. Stay Indoors

4.4.3. Keep homes well ventilated

5. Known case studies

5.1. Indonesia - 26 December 2004

5.2. Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii, 79 A.D.

5.3. The Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906

5.4. HURRICANE "KATRINA" August 29, 2005

6. Definition

6.1. A natural hazard is a naturally occurring event that might have a negative effect on people or the environment.

7. Causes

7.1. Tsunamis are caused by either underwater eruptions or shifting tectonic plates.

7.2. Volcanic Eruptions are caused by underground pressure forcing hot magma out through a volcano.

7.3. Earthquakes are caused by tectonic plates shifting The difference of a Tsunami and a Earthquake are that one is under water and one isn't.

7.4. Typhoon/Hurricane/Cyclone are caused by seven atmospheric conditions which when they all meet forms a giant spinning cloud full of wind and rain.