Business Drink of Web 2.0!

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Business Drink of Web 2.0! by Mind Map: Business Drink of Web 2.0!

1. Cloud Computing

1.1. Resources (such as can be obtain from all over the world over the internet by the business, easier and at cheaper price than physical purchasing methods.

1.2. Business can use Cloud Computing technology to save money by cutting down on expenses. They will tend to not own their resources (choosing to merely rent) and thus will save large amounts of money.

1.3. Storing of Massive loads of information (which is neccesary for most business) is made cheaper and easier by using a firm like IBM's Cloud Computing data storage centers.

2. Software Mashups & Widgets

2.1. Busineses can use mashups to combine different web applications and focus them into one a single project. Thus improving the standard of their work.

2.2. Widgets can be used by business personel on their respective desktops to provide them with up to the minute news. To keep the employees up to date with current affairs.

3. Blogs

3.1. Blogs in the work place can help boost employee relations and communications, by letting them socialise on a less 'work orientated' enviroment. That will improve the relationships between employees and will increase efficiency.

3.2. Business' executives can also use blogs to communicate vital business information to customers and advertise thier products.

4. Rich Site Summary(RSS)

4.1. RSS Feeds can be used by business to syndicate content automatically to thier customers, suppliers or beween managers and subordinates.

4.2. Business can also subscribe to feeds for ttimely updates of specific information from websites.

5. Wiki

5.1. Business (E.g: Motorola) can use Wiki technology to upload, share, edit and improve on their collective information to keep it all up to date and make it easily accessible.