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Okonkwo by Mind Map: Okonkwo
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Unoka (father)

Agbala (Oracle)

Nwakibie (man who Oknowo worked for)

Anasi (first wife)

Igwelo (elder son)

Osugo(called him a woman)


Nwoye (elder son)

Obiageli (sister)

Ojiugo (third wife)

Nkechi (daughter)

Ezeani (priest of earth goddess)

Ekwefi (second wife)

Enzinma (only daughter)

Obierika(best friend)

Maduka (son)

Agbala (oracle of the Hills land the Caves)

Chielo (priestess)

Ezeudu (oldest man in Umuofia)

Uchendu (uncle)

Amikwu (youngest son)

Njide (oldest daughter)

The Church (enemy)

Mr. Kiaga (minister)

Mr. Brown (teacher, priest)

Enoch (greatly devoted, son of the snake priest)

Egonwanne (doesn't like him because he thinks Egonwanne is a coward)