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Money by Mind Map: Money
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Money has become my centre peice as i beleive it effects young people in all aspects of there day to day lives and can also ave an


- If families do not have money than the food supply will be very limited. This can effect the young persons developing and brain funtioning. - If a young person lives in a low socio-economic isolated ares they are also subjected to high supermarket prices as the can not get ther produce from anywhere else. - Uni students are also subjected to eating poor food while maintaining education, living expences and managing time.


- A young persons social status will effect the types of jobs that are available to them. This is also effected by education the young person has completed. - Young people also may not have the resources or knowledge of how to get a job. - Young people also may not have a high enough literacy base or lanuguage skills to be able to communicate to get a job.    


- Young people may be exposed to crime at young age with influences from parents and guardians. This may also effect family dynamics with the possibility of incarceration of caregivers leaving responsilbilty on younger family members to work to support the family. - Law also may come into frce if a young person is being neglected due to lack of finances which may lead to Child potection putting protective care orders on children.  


- When young people are in there teenage years they are mostly influenced by peers around them. This may effect the young persons social skills if forced to work to help support their family and not be around their peers. - If the young peoples family are not in a finanial position to give the young person money they miss out socially on outing with friends like going to th football, concerts and going to the movies. - If a young person disengages from school at a young age due to financial difficulties they may also miss out on developing the basic skills needed to funtion in society.


- Money can effect where young people attend education and what facilities that are available to them. - It may also effect they standard of education is offered to them weather they attend a State Government funded school or a private school. - Having money could impact young people when they need tutors for VCE which can impact on enter score which can determine the higher education course offered to the young person.  


- Young people have to pay for train tickets - If young people can't affords to pay for train tickets then they get fined by inspectors, which they will never be able to pay leading to court appearances for unpaid fines. - For young people who have cars they have to pay for petrol and maintaining the car while juggling education, family and employment. - Many young people will never get the chance to travel and see the world as the will not have enough money


- Not having enough money may put pressure on familes financially with bills, food and other day to day expences - There may be a lack of connectedness within families if they do not see each other due to working commitments needed to support one another financially - There may be conflict within the family caused by lack of money which could lead to family breakdowns


- Young people if from lower class familes are often living in more low socio-economic area's which are often high in umemployement - If young people are neglected or abused in some form they may be removed and placed in residential units or foster care placements away from family by Child Protection Workers.  


- Many services that are offered to young people who have concession cards generally have long waiting lists. This is unfair to the young person as they need the help when they seek it out. This can ultimately make the problem the young person has worse weather it be inregards to law, financial assistance or counselling.  - In country area's there is a lack of service that are directed at young people which puts them at a disadvantage. - Some services require young people to have all the boxes ticked and if this does not happen then they are unable to use the service. - Services also sometimes have limits on how many times you can use them with can leave the young person at a disadvantage as they did not get the problem fixed that they initially needed help with. - There is a lack of funding for services directed at young people