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1. ARM

1.1. "Give one´s right arm"

1.1.1. To be willing to give something of great value for someone or something. Example: I'd give my right arm for a nice cool drink. I'd give my eyeteeth to be there.

1.2. "Keep someone at arm´s length"

1.2.1. When you need to be careful to not let someone to close to you. Example: "You can work with him if you want, but I would keep him at arms length."

1.3. "With open arms"

1.3.1. With happiness or enthusiasm Example: After suing the organization, I know I'm not going to be greeted with open arms


2.1. "Behind someone´s back"

2.1.1. It happened without one knowing about it; they kept it a secret. Example: Those two went to the boss, and they did it behind my back.

2.2. "Put someoné back up"

2.2.1. To annoy someone deliberately. Example: You really put her back up there, Jhon.

2.3. "Put one´s back into something"

2.3.1. Assume an attitude of obstinate resistance.Example: Michel had to put one´s back when the act attached him.


3.1. "Be in someone`s blood"

3.1.1. Definition: if an ability or a skill is in someone's blood, they have it naturally, usually because it already exists in their family or is a tradition of their social group. Example: She's a wonderful dancer just like her mother. It must be in her blood.

3.2. "Get someone`s blood up"

3.2.1. Definition: to get someone or oneself angry. Example: kind of language really gets my blood up. That will really get his blood up!

3.3. "Blood run cold"

3.3.1. Definition: to be very frightened. Example: The thought of the damage such a bomb could do made my blood run cold


4.1. "Make no bones about something"

4.1.1. Definition: to say clearly what you think or feel although you may embarrass or offend someone. Example: She makes no bones about wanting John to leave.

4.2. "Have got a bone to pick with someone"

4.2.1. Definition: be angry at someone and want to discuss it with that person. Example:I have a bone to pick with stupid parents.

4.3. "Makes my blood boil"

4.3.1. Definition: it makes you are really angry.Example: It makes my blood boil when people don't tie up their dogs


5.1. "Pick someone's brains"

5.1.1. Definition: ask questions about a particular subject in order to obtain advice or information.Example:Could we have lunch together? I'd like to pick your brains about something."

5.2. "Rack her brain"

5.2.1. Definition: try very hard to think of something or to remember something. Example: Christmas is always a hassle for me. I have to rack my brains every year to find ideas for presents

5.3. "Have something on the brain"

5.3.1. Definition: think or talk about something constantly. Example: Stop talking about golf. You've got golf on the brain.

6. EAR

6.1. "All ears"

6.1.1. Definition:means that you are listening very attentively. Example: Of course I want to know - I'm all ears!"

6.2. "Keep his ear close to the ground"

6.2.1. Definition:you make sure that you are aware of all that is happening and being said. Example: Keep your ear to the ground. You'll hear about drug dealers

7. EYE

7.1. "See eye to eye"

7.1.1. Definition:means that you agree with something or someone. Example:The couple don't see eye to eye on how to train their pets.

7.2. "Turn a blind eye to something"

7.2.1. Definition: ignore something or someone intentionally. Example: The usher turned a blind eye to the little boy who sneaked into the theater.

8. Foot

8.1. "Have two left feet"

8.1.1. Definition:be awkward or clumsy. Example: He's a terrible dancer, he's got two left feet

8.2. "Put one`s foot in it"

8.2.1. Definition:say or do something you shouldn't. Example: I think I've put my foot in it – I told her about the party


9.1. "Let one´s hair down"

9.1.1. Definition:to tell one's innermost feelings and secrets. Example:Come on. Let your hair down and tell me what you really think.

9.2. "Tear hair"

9.2.1. Definition:to be anxious, frustrated, or angry. Example:I had better get home. My parents will be tearing their hair out.

10. HAND

10.1. " At first hand"

10.1.1. Definition:from seeing or experiencing directly. Example: For Carter, the visit was a chance to see at first hand the life and work of someone he admired.

10.2. "Take life in hands"

10.2.1. Definition:to risk someone's life. Example:If you go into the war zone, you will be taking your life in your hands.

11. HEAD

11.1. "Keep my head"

11.1.1. Definition: Stay calm. Example: My advice to you is to keep your head down for the moment. Keep your head down. It'll blow over.

11.2. "Have a good head on shoulders"

11.2.1. Definition: To have common sense. To be sensible and intelligent. Example: Mary doesn't do well in school, but she's got a good head on her shoulders.


12.1. "Breake his heart"

12.1.1. Definition:to cause someone great emotional pain. Example: It just broke my heart when Tom ran away from home.

12.2. "His heart in his mouth"

12.2.1. Definition:extremely nervous. Example:My heart was in my mouth as I walked onto the stage.

13. LEG

13.1. "On its last legs"

13.1.1. Definition: about to stop working. Example: We've had the same vacuum cleaner for twenty years now and it's on its last legs

13.2. "Have a leg to stand on"

13.2.1. Definition:to be in a situation where you cannot prove something. Example:The problem is, if you don't have a witness, you don't have a leg to stand on.

14. NECK

14.1. "Be up to the neck in something"

14.1.1. Definition:to be in a difficult or unpleasant situation. Example: He's paid practically nothing and he's up to his neck in debt

14.2. "Get it in the neck"

14.2.1. Definition:to receive trouble or punishment. Example:You are going to get it in the neck if you are not home at time


15.1. "Hold your tongue".

15.1.1. Definition:You have said enough rude things. Example: After listening to the tirade against him for nearly four minutes, Tom cried out, "Hold your tongue!"

15.2. "Bit your tongue"

15.2.1. Definition:someone who has just stated an unpleasant supposition that unfortunately maybe true.Example: Mary: I'm afraid that we've missed the plane already. Jane: Bite your tongue! We still have time. Mary: Marry him? But you're older than he is! Sally: Bite your tongue

15.3. "On the tip of tongue"

15.3.1. Definition: about to be said or almost remembered. Example:I have his name right on the tip of my tongue


16.1. "Cut one´s teeth on something"

16.1.1. Definition: to get your first experience doing a particular kind of work or using a particular skill. Example:He cut his teeth in politics as a campaign manager for a small-town mayor

16.2. " Get one´s teeth into something"

16.2.1. Definition: to begin to do something; to get completely involved in something.Example: I can't wait to get my teeth into that Wallace job