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Idioms with arm, back, blood and bone by Mind Map: Idioms with arm, back, blood and bone
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Idioms with arm, back, blood and bone

idioms with bones

make no bones about something

to say clearly what you thing or feel abouit something, ex: He made no bones about how bad he thought the food was

i have got a bone to pick with somebody

something that you say when you want to talk to someone about something they have done that has annoyed you, ex: I have a bone to pick with the accountant who made that costly mistake

idioms with arms

give one's rigth arm

When you want that thing so much that you would pay a lot to get it, you "would give your right arm" for it, Ex:"How much do you want that job?" Reply: "I would give my right arm for it."

keep someone at arm's length

Some people cannot be trusted; if they get too close to you, they may try to use you or harm you in some way, so you "keep them at arms length" to be safe., Ex "You can work with him if you want, but I would keep him at arms length."

welcome with open arms

"With open arms" is to greet and welcome eagerly., Ex: "You should definitely go visit my parents. They will welcome you

idioms with back

behind someone's back

If they did it secretly, without telling you about it, they did it "behind your back", Ex: "Those two went to the boss, and they did it behind my back."

see the back of something

get rid of something unpleasant., Ex: "If you work hard next week, you'll see the back of this job"

put someones back up

If you put or get someone's back up, you annoy them, Ex:"Bill's arrogance really got my back up"

put one's back into something

put your back into something: work very hard at something, Ex: "cindy put her back into the mental map and hopes have good results."

idioms with blood

get someone blood up

to be nervous for somebody or something/hate something, ex: It gets my blood up to see how bad behaved those children are, ex: Injustice of any sort always gets my blood up

be in someone's blood

if an ability or a skill is in someone's blood, they have it naturally, usually because it already exists in their family or is a tradition of their social group, She´s really good at dancing. It must be in her blood