Web 2.0 Technology

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Web 2.0 Technology by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Technology

1. Wikis

1.1. Share information

1.1.1. Sales

1.1.2. Articles

1.1.3. Links

1.1.4. Ideas

1.1.5. Surveys

1.2. Reuse information to save time instead of creating new information all the time

1.3. collaboration with clients and managing production on major projects

1.4. Can be used as part of a business's developer networks

2. Blog

2.1. Help executives communicate with employees and customers

2.2. Marketing and promotion

2.3. Direct Communications

2.4. Brand Building

2.5. Competitive Differentiation

2.6. Exploit the Niches

2.7. Low Cost

2.8. Reputation Management

3. Software mashups and widgets

3.1. delivers lower development costs

3.2. quick delivery of dynamic applications

3.3. greater productivity

4. RSS

4.1. To distribute updated corporate information

4.2. To deliver news feeds that employees can customise to see the business news of greatest relevence to their jobs

4.3. PDF Documents-broadcasting meeting agenda notes or documentation as a PDF included with a feed, allowing interested individuals to have access to the information without having to deal with cumbersome e-mail attachments.

4.4. Podcating-It can be talk shows, editorials etc.

4.5. Images-Real Estate agents can put up pictures of the houses. Care sales people can put up pictures of the cars

5. Cloud Computing

5.1. The creation of a new generation of products and services

5.2. A new lightweight form of real-time partnerships and outsourcing with IT suppliers

5.3. A new awareness and leverage of the greater Internet and Web 2.0 in particular

5.4. A reconciliation of traditional SOA with the cloud and other emerging IT models

5.5. The rise of new industry leaders and IT vendors

5.6. More self-service IT from the business-side

5.7. More tolerance for innovation and experimentation from businesses

5.8. The slow-moving, dinosaur firms will have trouble keeping up more nimble adopters and fast-followers