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Helpdesk Input by Mind Map: Helpdesk Input
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Helpdesk Input

Close work oder

Communicate with end user before closing

"i am about to close this work order, are you satisfied with the problem resolution?"

Does user agree work order is read to be closed?

What about users that don't use email?

How much do we document?

About those conversations with the end user?



What do we document?

Where do we document?

Solve problem

Cold cases

Enhancement requests

Keep end user informed

relates also to documentation

Group problems

Tech Checks mail

Email Enduser

Text of note

CC helpdesk

Should we? Is this userful?

Timeline for tech

Helpdesk person should verbally notify tech if issue needs same day resolution

Open work order


Multiple requests

Emails with multiple requests should be broken into multiple work orders

Assign tech


Need help putting in correct expected resolution time

Assign categories

The current ones aren't working. Version 8.0 will be time to start over

Format of WOs

For clarity, do not prefix WO subject lines with library codes

New staff in trackit

Add: user name, phone, email, library. title is helpful if available

End user?

Who should get emails when work order submission is by proxy?

After Hours



Lunch Coverage

Lunch person covers phone but not emails

Scheduling AM?PM phone

Will setup loose rotating weekly schedule for 8:30-9, 5-5:30 coverage

Coverage 8:30-5:30?

Do we have to provide phone/desk support the full time? Yes. Directors expect it and would like more. We can't go backwards on that one.

What goes into Trackit?

A message on the helpdesk phone?

In case we miss the call, a message to end users?

Can we automate the helpdesk CC:

Degree of standardization

To what level to we really need to go when standardizing processes/procedures?

Who does what?

how do I know who to assign things to?

Random thoughts

When do we move to 8.0?

Review process





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