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Dachshunds by Mind Map: Dachshunds
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Types of Dachshunds

Smooth-Mini smooth: short glossy coat

Long-Mini Long: long soft wavy coat

Wired-Mini Wired: short thick rough coat

dachshund: 16-24 lbs. mini dachshund: 0-11 lbs.

Before Picking up Your Dachshunds

Equipment: crate, bowls, collar, nametag, leash, toys, food

Block of: stairways, plants, electric cords, garbage cans, items that are small

Small pets out of reach


say "no" in a firm voice

never use phisical contact

shake coins in a can or use an air horn

Feeding Your Dachshund

best type of food is moist

never feed your dog chicken, pork or rib bone

never feed your dog table scraps

Caring For Your Dachshund

Brush your dachshund once a day

do not bath your dachshund often

every 4 weeks trim thier nails


Cutaneous, VonWillebrands, Hypothyroidism

Cure: Nuetering your dog

Obese dogs have greater chance of getting dieases

First Aid

Fracture: wrap with cloth, tape cloth,take to vet

Allergic Reaction: take to vet , keep dog calm

Sezuire: wrap in a towel or blanket, take to vet

Causes and Symptoms

Sezuire:poisoning, organ faliure, tumors, low blood sugar

Fractures: limb poisition, localized pain, bruising, crepitation

Poisoning: vomiting, diharrhea, unconsciouness,sezuires, panting