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Horses by Mind Map: Horses

1. Anatomy

1.1. Deep chest=large heart and lungs.

1.2. Horse vision can see all around to see danger.

1.3. Hoof wall needs trimming and filing.

2. Breeds

2.1. Arabians are the most beautiful and oldest breedin the world.

2.2. Percheron's can weigh up to a ton or more.

2.3. Shire's can pull five tons.

3. Growing Foals

3.1. Foals wean at 5 to 6 months.

3.2. They make anything into a game. They even chew on mom's halters.

3.3. Foals reach 80% of height in the first year.

4. The Veterinarian

4.1. If horses are too sick to be treated in barns they will moved to a clinic.

4.2. Vets treat accidents and diseases.

4.3. Horses meet his/her vet after they're born.

5. Gaits

5.1. Trot is a two beat gait.

5.1.1. Front and backfeet touch ground simultaneously.

5.2. When galloping, hooves hit ground separately

5.3. Walking and galloping=4beats trotting=2beats canter=3beats0

6. The Horse At Grass

6.1. Horses at grass need good-quality grass, safe fencing, and fresh water.

6.2. Horses need to be checked regularly for injury.

6.3. If grass is lacking:hay,grain,or salt it will be added to horses diet.

7. Body Language

7.1. Rolled-back eyes bared teeth =stay away.

7.2. Domestic horses feel safe to sleep on the ground.

7.3. When happy they will run and buck for fun.

8. The Groomer

8.1. Horses see the groomer twice a day, 6 times a week.

8.2. Groomers can spot health, sadness, and behavior problems.

8.3. They are close in touch because they see horses troughout day.