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Boxers by Mind Map: Boxers
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if you put you dog i a bad punishment he mit be bad when hes older.

they should get treart so they can learn what to chew.

give them a treat after punishment.


can here 4 times better

can here highpitched sounds good.

dont ever give your boxer extra toys


dogs can her 4 time better then we can.


when dogs get raibes it can effect any cold blooded animal.

rabies is like vaccinations they are required by the law.

if a dog has raibies then they should be handled by animal control handlers or vetenerians.

How much to feed your boxer

it depends on what kind of dog you have


dogs that have apropiate nutritions will be healther and stronger.

potty Training

never let your dog to make a mistake.

let the dog now where you want her to go.

if she did it reward her like give her a treat.


when you are bathing your boxer pick a mild shampoo.