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English by Mind Map: English

1. Verbs

1.1. Present

1.1.1. Present Simple Affirmative: Subject + Infinitive without to (In the 3rd person singular we add -s or -es) Negative: Subject + don't/doesn't + main verb Interrogative: Do/Does+subject+main verb Permanent situations Eg. She works in a bank. Generally true Eg. The sun rises in the east. Habits Eg. I play tennis every Tuesday. Future Timetables Eg. Our train leaves at 11 am.

1.1.2. Present Continuous Affirmative: Subject + verb to be (am/is/are) + main verb + -ing Negative: Subject + verb to be + not (am not/isn't/aren't) + main verb + -ing Interrogative: Verb to be (Am/Is/Are) + subject + main verb + -ing Something happening at the moment Eg. I'm reading a book about Vampires. Actions happening in the near future Eg. I'm going to write you a postcard.

1.1.3. Present Perfect Affirmative: subject + have/ has + past participle to the main verb Negative: subject + have/ has + not + past participle Interrogative: Have/ Had + subject + past participle of the main verb Things started in the past and it is still true in the present Eg. I have visited three European countries up to now.

1.2. Past

1.2.1. Past Simple Affirmative: *Regular verbs: Subjects + verb + -ed *Irregular verbs: Subject + irregular form Negative: Subject + did + not + main verb Interrogative: Did + subject + main verb Something that happened in the past and is finished now Eg. I did a group work yesterday. Sequence of events in the past Eg. First she read the book and then she plays games in the computer.

1.2.2. Past Continuous Affirmative: subject + past simple of the verb to be (was/were) + main verb + -ing Negative: Subject + past simple of the verb to be + not ( wasn't/weren't) + main verb+ -ing Interrogative: past simple of the verb to be ( Was/Were) + subject + main verb + -ing Describe an action that was in progress in the past Eg. I was playing football. Action interrupted by another action in the past Eg. I was watching TV when the landline phone rang.

1.3. Future

1.3.1. Future Simple Affirmative: Subject + will + infinitive without to Negative: subject + will + not (won't) + infinitive without to Interrogative: Will + subject + infinitive without to Predictions Eg. I will get a good mark at Maths. Promises Eg. I promise that I will text you back. Facts Eg. The Internet will be in every home.

1.4. Condicional

2. Technology

2.1. Aspects

2.1.1. Pros It keeps us company; It's a source of entertainment/relaxation; It is educational; You have a wide variety of resources; Ou can use it to be in contact with other people (means of communication); It makes human life easier.

2.1.2. Cons It can isolate people and destroy our social skills; It can become addictive; You neglect other activities/hobbies; It is a source of distraction; You become more passive; Your personal information/money can be stolen (piracy).

2.2. Vocabulary

2.2.1. iPod

2.2.2. Laptop

2.2.3. Mobile Phone

2.2.4. Video conference

2.2.5. Chatroom

2.2.6. Landline phone

2.2.7. Text messaging

2.2.8. Fax

2.2.9. Email

2.2.10. Web cam

2.2.11. Television