Copy of Tim Faustini PLN IA (information architecture)

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Copy of Tim Faustini PLN IA (information architecture) by Mind Map: Copy of Tim Faustini PLN IA  (information architecture)

1. Networking Fields

1.1. Gaming/Tech

1.1.1. Eric (DMZilla) Community Coordinator for Xbox Live

1.1.2. Brian Bellino:

1.2. Broadcasting

1.2.1. Grace Soriano-Smith: Revision 3

1.2.2. Tim Wilsie: The Widget Podcast

1.3. Music

1.3.1. Danielle Faustini: Crush Management

2. Fill out your proposed IA, using either the default IA or an adapted version

3. Note which site installation (ning, squarespace or WP) you are planning to use:

3.1. Squarespace

4. default IA for:

4.1. My ideal career (as specific as you can be)

4.1.1. Gaming/Tech/Entertainment Web Broadcaster

4.2. I belong to: (enter 5 tools)

4.2.1. LinkedIn

4.2.2. Facebook

4.2.3. Twitter

4.2.4. Myspace

4.2.5. Netvibes

4.3. How will I get smarter

4.3.1. Marist

4.3.2. Self-teaching

4.4. What has been learned

4.4.1. Basic TV Production Principles

4.4.2. Photoshop/Illustrator Basics

4.4.3. AVID Basics