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Problem Solving by Mind Map: Problem Solving
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Problem Solving

Created by Danielle Parlatore

Problem Solving Steps

What is the problem?

What are the goals?

What are possible strategies?

Keep an open mind for different possibilities!

What are possible outcomes?

Evaluate the results.

Lesson: 7th Grade Math

Solving word problems: inequalities

Include objective/aim of lesson

Do Now/Prior Knowledge: include examples of writing out inequalities

Practice Solving inequalities

Reading word problem, one sentence at a time, write out mathematical statements into an solvable equation

Solve equation

Evaluate the answer. Ask yourself, Does my answer make sense?

Check Solution


Read the problem once

Re-read the problem, writing out the information into a solvable equation

Solve equation

Does the answer make sense when you re-read the problem?

Check solution


Use interactive manipulative's on SmartBoard

Incorporate BrainPop video into lesson

Have students work in pairs to create PowerPoint on how they solve inequalities

*Also provides assessment

Extension to support transfer

Keep students engaged, incorporate their interests/names in examples

Provide practice examples during class with feedback

Introduce new problems with similar strategy