Cyrano de Bergerac

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Cyrano de Bergerac by Mind Map: Cyrano de Bergerac

1. Act 1

1.1. The setting of Act 1

1.1.1. The theater, Hotel Burgundy

1.1.2. Paris, 1640

1.2. The play "La Clorise"

1.3. Lingniere's writing

1.3.1. Before the play

1.4. Insulting Cyranos' features

1.5. Ballde extempore with swords

1.5.1. Cyrano and Valvert duel, while Cyrano narrates and creates a ballad

1.5.2. This mortally wounds Valvert

1.6. Christian and Roxane's loves

1.6.1. Christian loves Roxane, but Roxane loves intellectuals

1.7. The actor Montefleury

1.7.1. Cyrano hates him because he is a bad actor

1.7.2. He is banished from theater, however opens "La Clorise"

1.8. Cyrano's view of his problems

1.8.1. Cyrano hates his protruding nose, and therefore believes he can not speak to Roxane

1.8.2. Cyrano has no money

1.9. Meeting arranged for Cyrano

1.9.1. Arranged by Duenna

1.9.2. At Ragueneaus' shop

1.9.3. Cyrano believes they are to discuss Roxane

1.10. Cyrano's impending battle

2. Act 2

2.1. The poets bill

2.1.1. Ragueneau charges poetry from poets in exchange for pastries

2.2. Ragueneau's wrapping paper

2.2.1. Ragueneau has little money, so his wife uses his poetry to wrap the pastries

2.3. The effects of Cyrano's battle

2.3.1. Cyrano has injured his hand

2.4. Pastries and the Duenna

2.4.1. Cyrano gives pastries to the Duenna so she would be distracted when Roxane and he talk

2.5. Cyrano and Roxane's past

2.5.1. Cousins

2.5.2. They have been friends since childhood

2.6. Roxane seeing a lovers soul

2.6.1. Roxane says she can see a lovers soul through their eyes

2.7. Promise concerning Chistian

2.7.1. Cyrano promises to Roxane that he will befriend Christian and protect him.

2.8. Christian and Cyrano's bargain

2.8.1. Cyrano will help Roxane love Christian by helping him show his intellectual side.

2.9. De Guiche bearing insults

2.9.1. If De Guiche is insulted, he hires 100 men to kill the insultor

2.10. Cyrano's letter

2.10.1. Roxane had expected a letter from Christian, so Cyrano writes it.

3. Act 3

3.1. Ragueneau's past

3.1.1. Wife left him for a Musketeer

3.1.2. His business failed

3.1.3. He attempts suicide, but is cut down by Cyrano

3.2. Roxane's favorite intellectual

3.2.1. Roxane believes Christian is more of an intellectual than Cyrano

3.3. De Guiche's promotion and power

3.3.1. Promoted to Colonial

3.3.2. He can now chose placement of soldiers

3.4. Roxane's revenge plan

3.4.1. Roxane tells De Guiche to make Cyrano stay home from the siege.

3.5. Christian and three little words

3.5.1. The words are "I love you"

3.5.2. Roxane expects more and for Christian to speak more poetically.

3.6. Cyrano's poetry

3.6.1. At balcony scene, Cyrano is speaking as Christian and moves Roxane by his poetry

3.7. Roxane's offering of a kiss

3.7.1. Because Roxane is stunned by "Christian's" poetry.

3.8. Persuading a Capuchin

3.8.1. The messenger sent by De Guiche to speak to Roxane. Roxane says her and Christian are to be married.

3.8.2. the Capuchin marries the two and De Guiche pays for it.

3.9. Cyrano's diversionary travels

3.9.1. Cyrano distracts De Guiche while Christian and Roxane are getting married by acting as a stranger, and telling of 7 ways he has reached the moon.

3.10. The deployment of the Guards

3.10.1. Christian and Cyrano are ordered by De Guiche to stand in front in battle.

4. Act 4

4.1. The siege and Cyrano's promise

4.1.1. The siege of Arras

4.1.2. Cyrano promises that Christian will write everyday.

4.2. A fate Cyrano would prefer

4.2.1. Cyrano says he would rather die in battle and be killed by someone better than himself.

4.3. De Guiche and the Cadets hatred

4.4. A humiliating scarf

4.4.1. De Guiche had said he lost it in battle. It was the signal to the Spanish spy.

4.5. The use of a Spanish spy

4.5.1. Hired by De Guiche. The spy gave information of other side, but in exchange for information of their side.

4.6. A surprise visit at camp

4.6.1. Roxane

4.6.2. She has come to visit Christian because of his letters.

4.7. Ragueneau's hidden supplies.

4.7.1. Ragueneau brings a banquet for the soldiers.

4.8. Roxane's reason for first loving

4.8.1. Roxane admits to Christian that the reason she first loved him was because of his appearance.

4.8.2. Roxane now loves Christian's soul

4.9. Christian's scorn for his soul

4.9.1. He knows that the soul Roxane loves is Cyrano's.

4.10. Cyrano avenging two deaths

4.10.1. Cyrano is avenging the death of Christian and his own.

5. Act 5

5.1. Roxane's new home

5.1.1. A convent

5.2. Cyrano and the nuns

5.2.1. Cyrano teases the nuns. They want to convert him.

5.3. Time for Cyrano's visits

5.3.1. Every Saturday

5.4. A letter close to the heart

5.4.1. Roxane has kept the letter "Christian" had written her and wears it as a necklace

5.5. Cyrano attacking falsehoods

5.5.1. Cyrano writes plays making fun of false saints, nobles, artists, and heroes.

5.6. De Guiche's jealousy for cyrano

5.6.1. De Guiche is a Duke and has everything, but envies Cyrano's ability to speak how he feels and his freedom.

5.7. Falling logs of vengeance.

5.7.1. Cyrano is hit in the head with falling logs.

5.8. Comparison with a leaf

5.8.1. Cyrano says he wants to die like a leaf

5.9. Truth thanks to obscure light

5.9.1. When the sun had gone, Roxane realizes the one at the balcony with her was Cyrano

5.9.2. Roxane also realizes that Cyrano had memorized the letter, and discovers this because it was too dark to read it.

5.10. A loss felt twice

5.10.1. Roxane says she has loved one man, but has lost him twice.