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Cyrano de Bergerac by Mind Map: Cyrano de Bergerac
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Cyrano de Bergerac

Act 1

The setting of Act 1

The play "La Clorise"

Lingniere's writing

Insulting Cyranos' features

Ballde extempore with swords

Christian and Roxane's loves

The actor Montefleury

Cyrano's view of his problems

Meeting arranged for Cyrano

Cyrano's impending battle

Act 2

The poets bill

Ragueneau's wrapping paper

The effects of Cyrano's battle

Pastries and the Duenna

Cyrano and Roxane's past

Roxane seeing a lovers soul

Promise concerning Chistian

Christian and Cyrano's bargain

De Guiche bearing insults

Cyrano's letter

Act 3

Ragueneau's past

Roxane's favorite intellectual

De Guiche's promotion and power

Roxane's revenge plan

Christian and three little words

Cyrano's poetry

Roxane's offering of a kiss

Persuading a Capuchin

Cyrano's diversionary travels

The deployment of the Guards

Act 4

The siege and Cyrano's promise

A fate Cyrano would prefer

De Guiche and the Cadets hatred

A humiliating scarf

The use of a Spanish spy

A surprise visit at camp

Ragueneau's hidden supplies.

Roxane's reason for first loving

Christian's scorn for his soul

Cyrano avenging two deaths

Act 5

Roxane's new home

Cyrano and the nuns

Time for Cyrano's visits

A letter close to the heart

Cyrano attacking falsehoods

De Guiche's jealousy for cyrano

Falling logs of vengeance.

Comparison with a leaf

Truth thanks to obscure light

A loss felt twice