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The Ultimate Guide to Planning and Building a Website by Mind Map: The Ultimate Guide to Planning
and Building a Website
5.0 stars - 20 reviews range from 0 to 5

The Ultimate Guide to Planning and Building a Website

ENGAGEMENT is the key focus

CTAs (Call to Action)



Request information/consultation




Learn More


Engagement Results Areas

Share via social media

Make a purchase

Download an ebook or whitepaper

Follow via social media

Information requests

More page visits

More time on page

How to increase engagement



6 Principles of persuasion

Golden Circle

Why are we using a website?

The market expects an organization to have a professional web presence

Provide Information and transparency

Create trust

Attract leads for clients and affiliates

Provide value additive services?

How do we want to use this tool?

Lead generation

Does our site take advantage of the six scientific principles of persuasion?

What is the main thing people are looking for when they arrive at our site?, Why, How, What, Cost, Benefit/Potential result

How does our site build trust in our message?

What do we want people to do at our site?

Sign up

Website Design Resources


Marketing site design, when approached from a strategic standpoint, can make a huge difference in your company’s profitability.

First, do no harm with your marketing site

Set up analytics to track how changes in design affect conversions, and ultimately, profit.

Consider oversized images for your homepage and landing pages.

Consider where your images are directing visitor’s eyes.

Keep signup forms as short as possible.

Consider a two-step opt-in form strategy.

Keep your pricing page simple, providing clear distinctions between plans.

Test your pricing pages from biggest plan to smallest, and vice-versa.

Address barriers to purchasing with testimonials and guarantees.

Try blurring your pages with a call to action to see if it stands out.

Leverage social proof in your design strategy to secure trust.

Use landing pages to increase conversions from outside sources


29 Places to get free stock images

Pixabay – – CC0 license – no attribution required

Free range stock- no attribution required –

Morgue file – mix of CC0 licensed images and images with other licenses –

StockSnap – – no attribution required

Gaderinge – – high quality public domain images

public domain archive – – all public domain pix

Picjumbo – lots of pictures with search and categories. Attribution required.

GetRefe – Free category –

Life of Pix – – free, no attribution

Gratisopgraphy – – free to use

Pictography – – free to use – CC0 license – no attribution

Jay Mantri – – free to use – CC0 license – no attribution

New Old Stock – – vintage photos, “free of known copyright restrictions”

ISO Republic - – no attribution required

Pexels – – CC0, no attribution required

SlitShire – stunning photos – no attribution required but donations requested –

Pickup Image – CC0, no attribution required

Snapographic – – CC1 – no attribution required (but requested)

Creative Commons – search Flickr, Google images and other sites. Check “use for commercial purposes” and “modify, adapt and build upon” for the most flexible license. Attribution often required.

Wikimedia commons –

Hubspot – 450 business photos free in exchange for email –

Magdelieine- mix of CC0 and attribution required –

Freepik – – vector images but require attribution

Superfamous Studios – stunning pix, credit required – CC 3.0

Raumrot – great pictures, credit required CC2.0 –

IM Creator – free – – great icons, pictures and templates. Attribution required

Pattern Library – patterns that are free to use –

Unsplash – 10 free high res photos every 10 days – no attribution needed – nature, bridges, beaches, buildings –

Death to the stock photo – – monthly free photos to your inbox

Little visuals – 7 pix every week –

Snapwire Snap – – 7 pix every 7 days, free to use without attribution





Website Layout

Design Options

Image Slider

One large background image

Color scheme limited to 2-3

Global Navigation / Main Pages


About US

Products / Services offered, Pricing

Social Proof, Testimonials, PR, Results



1 page

mobile design

bare minimum words

video everything

marketing commercial

process walk through


huge call to action