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Comprehension Skills by Mind Map: Comprehension Skills
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Comprehension Skills

To tell what's important in a text as some information are not vital points.

Figuring out what something means from clues in the text.

E.g "We saw the Big Dipper and the Milky Way ." What can we infer from this? Well, it means that this person lives in a really dark city.

Creating a movie in your mind while reading, this will help you to have better understanding of the text.

Using your prior knowledge means using what you already know to help you understand something new better, this way it helps you understand things you are reading better.

Eg. What you are reading: the table was the colour of a zebra. You can understand this better by using your knowledge of what colour a zebra is.

When we do not know the meaning of a word in the passage, we read the words that are either before or after the word that we do not know. That way, it is easier to understand the word.

Questioning helps us to identify information that is useful in the text. It helps usto understand the topic alot better in the end.


Prior knowledge


Context Clues


E.g In a moment of anguish, he threw the book down in anger. Here, the word that we don't understand would be 'anguish', so let's take a look at the other words, the word 'anger' would suggest that the word 'anguish' might be related to something like acute distress.