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WFPgo by Mind Map: WFPgo

1. HR Website

1.1. My Contracts/Entitlements

1.1.1. Contracts

1.1.2. My Entitlements

1.1.3. Protocol

1.2. Field Support

1.2.1. LSTP

1.3. HR System Support & Reporting

1.4. Right Sidebar

1.4.1. forms

1.4.2. HR tools

1.5. My Career

1.5.1. Talent Acquisition

1.5.2. Talent Deployment

1.5.3. Learning & Training

1.5.4. Job Profiles - Professional category

1.5.5. Performance

1.6. Our People Statistics

1.6.1. Standard reports

1.7. Left Sidebar

1.7.1. LSTP

1.7.2. Estension of ask HR

1.7.3. PACE Revamp

1.7.4. GPS relocation services

1.7.5. Medical services

1.7.6. Protocol office

1.7.7. Staff counselling

2. Staff Resources (HR)

2.1. General Info

2.1.1. Employee Self Service (ESS) Tool Forms: Human Resources Holidays at HQ, 2014 Holidays at HQ, 2015 HR Responsibilities / Focal Points Human Resources Manual Locally Recruited Staff Transfer Project Salary Payment Schedule 2014, HQ UN Dual Career and Staff Mobility

2.2. Additional in..

2.2.1. Commissary Credit Union, FAO Credit Union, UN Federal European Co-Operative Association of International Civil Servants (AMFIE) Executive Director Page (WFPgo) Just Ask (Executive Director) Pipeline Magazine Relocation Help For Staff (GPS – Global Professional Staff Relocation Services) Vanbreda International Where to Go in Case of Workplace Conflict or Grievances

2.3. Confidential Services

2.3.1. Inspector-General Investigations (Hotline) Medical Services Ombudsman Staff Counselling (English, French & Spanish) Where to Go in Case of Workplace Conflict or Grievances

2.4. Pension and Social Security

2.4.1. Orientation to Social Security Benefits United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund UN Joint Staff Pension Fund - Annual Statements UN Joint Staff Pension Fund - Estimate of Benefits

2.5. Staff Associations

2.5.1. FAO Staff Coop Professional Staff Association Union of General Service Staff - UGSS

2.6. Staff Development & Training

2.6.1. HIV and AIDS in the Workplace Learning and Training Learning Management System (LMS) Library PACE - Performance and Competency Enhancement Programme PACE - Performance and Competency Enhancement Programme - Overview Training

2.7. Staff Integrity and Conduct

2.7.1. Boosting Visibility (Arabic) Boosting Visibility (English) Boosting Visibility (French) Boosting Visibility (Spanish) Disciplinary Matters Report 2010 Ethics Information Disclosure Directive Inspector-General Investigations (Hotline) Staff Duties, Obligations and Privileges Standards of Conduct of the ICSC Where to Go in Case of Workplace Conflict or Grievances

2.8. Staff Management

2.8.1. Conditions of Service and Incentives in Hardship Duty Stations Danger Pay DSA Rates (Per Diem) Forms: Human Resources Generic Breaks between Contracts and Contract Types Human Resources Documentation (HR Manual) Managing New Employees Mobility and Hardship (ICSC) Protocol and Visa Services (Topic page) Relocation Help For Staff (GPS – Global Professional Staff Relocation Services) Salaries and Related Remuneration: General Service Category Salaries and Related Remuneration: Professional and Higher Category StaffNet UN Salaries, Allowances, Benefits & Job Classification

2.9. Staff Security

2.9.1. Country Security Profiles Field Security Training Policies and Guidelines Travel Clearance

2.10. Vacancy Announcements

2.10.1. General Services Positions Generic Job Profiles International Professional Positions Intern Programme: Engagement of Interns Local Field Positions Other External Vacancies StaffNet UN Careers Vacancies, FAO Vacancies, UN Vacancies at UN Organizations

3. Staffnet (Careers)

3.1. Useful Links

3.1.1. Recently Reassigned? Check out the G P S - Global Professional Staff Relocation Service

3.1.2. Coming to work in Rome? Check out the Welcome Booklet.

3.1.3. P A C E - Performance and Competency Enhancement



3.1.6. FAQs

3.1.7. General Service Generic Job Profiles

3.1.8. Professional Generic Job Profiles NEW

3.1.9. UN Dual Career and Staff Mobility

3.1.10. WFPgo: organizational units

3.1.11. WFP duty station incentives

3.1.12. UN Inter-Agency Mobility Programme VA's

3.1.13. Learning Management System (LMS)

3.1.14. HR contacts HR Officers, Contracts and Entitlements Teams Staffing Coordinators Staffing Coordinators Updated Staffing Committee Members

3.2. Quick help


3.2.2. Interview Preparation Skills

3.2.3. Creative Ways to Find Work

3.2.4. Resume vs CV - What's the Difference?

3.2.5. The Cardinal Sins of CV Writing

3.2.6. Resumes Italian Style

3.3. Staffnet News

3.3.1. 2014 Professional Promotion Exercise Circular Procedures 2014 Professional Promotion Exercise FAQs 2014 Professional Promotion Outcome

3.3.2. Performance Management Staff Members' Guide Managers' Guide Performance Planning Toolkit Performance Planning Workshop Worksheet Performance Planning and Setting SMART Goals Workshop (30-minute video lesson)

3.3.3. End of Year Review Open to Learning 2013 Performance Appraisals: A Guide for WFP (English) (New: Français) The Five Golden Checks / Les 5 Règles D’Or (English) (New: Français) Managers' Guide Staff Members' Guide

3.4. Staff/manager/staffing coordinator log in

4. Learning and Training

4.1. Contact

4.2. Policies

4.3. Training Resources

4.3.1. External Providers

4.3.2. Trainer's resources

4.3.3. Venues

4.4. Training Advisory Services

4.4.1. Needs Analysis

4.4.2. Design

4.4.3. Delivery

4.4.4. eLearning

4.4.5. Evaluation

4.5. Learning Management System

4.5.1. About the LMS

4.5.2. Log onto the LMS

4.6. Training

4.6.1. Mandatory Courses

4.6.2. Leadership and Management

4.6.3. General Service

4.6.4. Languages

4.6.5. Function-Specific

4.6.6. WINGS II

4.6.7. Self-improvement Tools

4.6.8. External Opportunities

4.7. Quick Links

4.7.1. Wings II Training

4.7.2. Self-Improvement tools

4.7.3. LMS logon

4.7.4. Language Training

4.7.5. Function Specific Training

4.7.6. Course catalog download

5. HR Manual (

5.1. What's new?

5.1.1. Comparison of Main Conditions of Service Before and After Transfer

5.1.2. "LSTP - Presentation to All Staff

5.2. getting started

5.2.1. "How do I?" guide

5.2.2. Conversion Table

5.3. Quick links

5.3.1. Conditions and Incentives website

5.3.2. Administration of local personnel

5.3.3. Locally Recruited Staff Transfer Project

5.3.4. ICSC Salary Scales

5.3.5. UN Human Resources Handbook

5.3.6. Delegation of Authority in HR-Related Matters

5.3.7. PSA Recognition Agreement

5.4. Regulatory framework

5.4.1. WFP General Regulations

5.4.2. FAO Staff Regulations

5.4.3. FAO Staff Rules

5.4.4. WFP Special Rules

5.4.5. Headquarters Agreement

5.4.6. Internal Committees or Activities

5.5. Browse by chapter

5.5.1. I. Duties, Obligations and Privileges

5.5.2. II. Career Framework and Processes

5.5.3. III. Short-Term Contractual Arrangements

5.5.4. IV. Salaries and Emoluments

5.5.5. V. Leave and Working Arrangements

5.5.6. VI. Pension Fund, Social Security and Insurance

5.5.7. VII. Travel

5.5.8. VIII. Disciplinary Matters and Appeals

5.6. HR Documentation

5.6.1. Directives and Memoranda

5.6.2. HR Reports/Guidelines

5.6.3. HR Related Issuances

5.6.4. HR Forms

5.7. Appendices

5.7.1. Glossary

5.7.2. Acronyms

6. GPS Wbsite (