Sport Informatics and Analytics

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Sport Informatics and Analytics by Mind Map: Sport Informatics and Analytics

1. Introductions

1.1. Our Approach

1.1.1. People, Perspectives, Products, Processes Biographical Accounts Platforms People Hardware and Software SportsTech API Edge 10 AirDrop Gridiron Moe Babolat Occupational Culture Continuing Professional Learning Community of Inquiry Literature Surveillance Gloucester (2012) MCG (2015) Learning in a Digital Age Connecting Pedagogy Educational Technology Knowledge Sharing (2014) Digital Habitats Web Literacy Metadata Produsing Blended Learning Open Access Mutualism Discovery and Data Quality Predictive Analytics Design Enterprise Knowledge Mapping Inside the Bodleian Evernote Knowledge Discovery Fayyad, Piatetsky-Shapiro and Smyth (1996) Interestingness Big Data Data Mining Texts Literature RDMS Tools Data Science Larry Dignan (2014) Drew Conway (2010)) Mike Gualtieri (2013) Ferris Jumah (2014) Machine Intelligence The Turk Shivon Zilis (2014) Artificial Intelligence Kevin Kelly (2014) Statistics Will Hopkins Hand (1999) Borwein and Rose (2014) Matosin and Engel (2014) Models simplystats STAT545 Maths in Sport Notre Dame (2015) Mixed Methods Cresswell (2003) Camerino, Castaner and Anguera (2014) Philosophical Issues IEEE SSIT Lewis (2014) Soltanzadeh (2012) Holbrook (2014) Solis (2014) Crotty (2014) Williams and Manley (2014) Shilton (2012) Coutts (2014) Wright, Carling and Collins (2014) Julia Angwin (2014) Inge de Waard (2015) Andrew Keen Robin James (2015) Jill O'Neill (2015) Virkki and Chan (2013) Enserink and Chin (2015) Gambling Other Literature Cornell University Library The Conversation Smart Creative David Winer Maria Popova (2014) Seeing, Perceiving Conferences Sports Performance and Tech Summit (2014) Sportsdata and Performance Forum 2014 Asia Pacific Sports Technology 2015 Services Lear Navitas Krossover Communities Australia Austria Canada France Germany Japan Netherlands New Zealand Norway Portugal Qatar United Kingdom United States Societies IACSS ISPAS Blogs Cricket Clarity The Sotdoc sport techie Video Examples Wearables: Adidas Technology in Sport Ice Hockey

1.2. Informatik, Informatics

1.2.1. Alan Turing 1936 Paper Lyons (2015) Jack Copeland (2013) Avaragado (2012)

1.2.2. Grace Hopper

1.2.3. Gordon Moore Steven Levy Gordon Morre (2010)

1.2.4. Mark Weisser

1.2.5. Critical Engineering Courses Julian Oliver Gordon Savicic Danja Vasiliev Art of the Exploit (2013)

1.2.6. Background Karl Steinbuch Jurgen Perl Martin Lames Daniel Link Arnold Baca Wolfgang Coy

1.2.7. Computer Science in Sport

1.2.8. Dewey Classification for Informatics

1.2.9. Quantum Computing Pollock and Modi (2015) Zu et al (2014)

1.2.10. Open Access Repositories (2015)

1.2.11. Information Systems Shirley Gregor (2006) Juhani Iivari (2007)

1.2.12. Geoffrey Hinton Deep Learning (2007) Hinton (2013) Steven Levy (2015) Bolzmann Machine Salakhutdinov and Hinton (2009) Hinton (2010) Ballan et al (2009) Tran et al (2014) Johard et al (2011) Sachan et al (2013) Deep Mind Steven Levy (2015)

1.2.13. Text John Gammack, Valerie Hobbs and Diarmuid Pigott (2007)

1.2.14. Pedagogy Goodman and Dekhtyar (2014)

1.3. Sport Analytics

1.3.1. Background

1.3.2. Literature Chris Anderson and David Sally (2013) Football Intelligence Paine (2014) Bill Gerrard (2007) UTS (2014) Rob Carroll (2014) Blog Posts Dan Altman (2013) Mike Goodman (2014) Carl Bialik (2014) Harvard Sports Analysis Collective Silicon Republic (2014) Tim Lines (2014) Beyond the Box Score Hardball Times Sounder At Heart Ice Hockey Bryce Dyer (2014) Corsi v Tango (2014) Simon Fraser Basketball Nick Rojas (2014) Richard Whitall (2014) Soccer Analysts Richard Whitall (2014) Sports Analytics Maple Leafs James Mirtle (2014) FiveThirtyEightSports Ian Cooper (2014) Sumit Prasad (2014) analytics fc Elaine Burke (2014) Taylor Soper (2015) JR Eskilson (2015) Sam Gregory (2015) Possession with Purpose Peter King (2015) Ed Feng University of Toronto Sports Discvery Snowboarding Bret McCormick (2015) Bickerton (2015) John Burn-Murdoch (2013) Lucey et al (2013) Game Theoretic Analysis Bates et al (1998) Mongin (2009) David Romer (2002) Punting (2012) Analyticbridge Sports Performance and Tech (2013) Howard Hamilton (2011) Journal of Sports Analytics Ben Alamar Stephen Shea and Christopher Baker (2013) Gareth Morgan (2012) Predictive Analytics Interviews Bill James Kirk Goldsberry Billy Beane Super Bowl XLIX Jason Belzer (2015) Alissa Johnson (2015) Lucas Mearian (2015) Roger Groves (2015) Plus Aziz (2015)

1.3.3. Predictions Bing Google

1.3.4. Services Infostrada The Sports Analytics Institute Ice Hockey Modelling Performance CISCO Real Time Analytics Gain Line Prozone SAP Sailing Analytics Perduco Presentation (2014) In game analysis Advanced Sports Analytics Revolution Analytics MapR SAP CRM Extreme Networks (2015) Global Soccer Network

1.3.5. Conferences KDD Large-Scale Sports Analytics (2014) Gyarmati, Kwak & Rodriguez (2014) Sports Analytics Innovation Summit 2014 Sports Analytics (2015) Sloan Sports Analytics Conference (2015) Sports Analytics Innovation Summit (2015) Sport and Entertainment (2015) Basketball Analytics Summit (2015) Competitive Data: Innovation in Sport (2015) #SportsConf (2015) Speakers

1.3.6. Coaching Mike Hesson (2014) Nick Mercandante (2014) Ben Strang (2014)

1.3.7. Videos Brad Null (2014) Billy Beane (2011) Roger Noll Muthu Alagappan David Stern NBA Statistics Smartbase Repository

1.3.8. News Genn DuPaul Victoria University PhD

1.3.9. Sabermetrics SABR Bill James (2014) Bill James (2013) Neyer (2013) Marchi (2013)

1.3.10. Basketball Duke University Stephen Shea Spatial Tracking (2014) Basketball Analytics Blog

1.3.11. Coursera Courses Data Analytics Statistical Inference Data Science R

1.3.12. Analytics Vidhya

1.3.13. Courses RMIT

1.3.14. Gambling dwo7

2. Using this Mind Mapping App

2.1. How I created the framework

2.1.1. How I created the content

3. OERu Unit Sport Informatics and Analytics