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Sport Informatics and Analytics by Mind Map: Sport Informatics
and Analytics
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Sport Informatics and Analytics

Welcome to this open online resource. We have structured the resource with four themes. We encourage you to explore this resource in whatever way interests you. The Introductions theme provides a context for the course and we recommend that you start with this theme. Thank you for finding us.


This theme explores our approach to open sharing in and through this course. We present an overview of people, perspectives, products and processes. We draw attention to the Informatik tradition and its links with Informatics. We introduce the emerging field of Sport Analytics.

Our Approach

People, Perspectives, Products, Processes, Biographical Accounts, Platforms, Cowbird, Medium, Examples, Room to Read (2015), Going Viral, My first Internet, Six Degrees of Inspiration, Networks without Networks (2014), YouTube, Ignite, People, Michael Lewis, Beyond Hello, Dean Shareski (2014), Kristi Blakeway (2014), Andrew Watts (2015), Peter Vint, Darrell Cobner, Stafford Murray, Josh Bryan (2015), Jacquie Tran, Sketchnotes, Prediction model (2014), Bruce Old, Carl Bialik (2014), Dean Smith, Darren O'Shaughnessy, Charles Brakley, Mark Cuban, Chikara Miyaji, Michael Schuckers, Louis Van Gaal, Max Reckers, Background, Daniela Walker (2015), Ernie Adams, Malte Siegle, Adam Hewitt, Justin Zormelo, Ian Donnelly, Ben Alamar, ESPN (2015), Jamie Coles (2015), Dene Hills (2015), Hardware and Software, SportsTech, Anna Mayes (2014), API, Tutorial (2012), Edge 10, AirDrop, Gridiron Moe, Babolat, Occupational Culture, Continuing Professional Learning, Community of Inquiry, Publications, Literature, Weinberg and Arond (1952), The Occupational Culture of the Performance Analyst (2010), Adam Cullinane (2014), Surveillance, Williams and Manley (2014), Gloucester (2012), MCG (2015), Learning in a Digital Age, Connecting, cMOOCs, PLENK2010, Aggregate, Remix, Reporpose, Feedforward, CCK11, Data, Analytics and Learning, Innovation in open online courses, MOOC, Sabermetrics 101, Game Theory II, Artificial Intelligence Planning, Statistical Inference, Introduction to Computer Science, Visualising Postwar Tokyo 1, Foundations of Data Analysis, Jeremy Knox (2014), Liljegren & Trombetta (2014), Stanford 2015, Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Introduction to mathematical Thinking, Machine Learning, Mining Massive Data Sets, Literature, Barry Wellman (2012), Grainnne Conole (2013), Patricia Arnold et al. 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Examples, Wearables: Adidas, Technology in Sport, Ice Hockey

Informatik, Informatics

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Grace Hopper

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Mark Weisser

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Background, Karl Steinbuch, Jurgen Perl, Martin Lames, Daniel Link, Arnold Baca, Wolfgang Coy

Computer Science in Sport

Dewey Classification for Informatics

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Sport Analytics


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Predictions, Bing, Google

Services, Infostrada, The Sports Analytics Institute, Ice Hockey, Modelling Performance, CISCO, Real Time Analytics, Gain Line, Prozone, SAP Sailing Analytics, Perduco, Presentation (2014), In game analysis, Advanced Sports Analytics, Revolution Analytics, MapR, Hadoop, SAP CRM, Extreme Networks (2015), Global Soccer Network

Conferences, KDD Large-Scale Sports Analytics (2014), Gyarmati, Kwak & Rodriguez (2014), The Economist (2014), Duch et al (2010), Narizuka et al (2013), Sports Analytics Innovation Summit 2014, Sports Analytics (2015), Sloan Sports Analytics Conference (2015), Sports Analytics Innovation Summit (2015), Sport and Entertainment (2015), Basketball Analytics Summit (2015), Competitive Data: Innovation in Sport (2015), #SportsConf (2015), Speakers

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Basketball, Duke University, Stephen Shea, Spatial Tracking (2014), Basketball Analytics, Blog

Coursera Courses, Data Analytics, Statistical Inference, Data Science, R

Analytics Vidhya

Courses, RMIT

Gambling, dwo7

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