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MAC Cosmetics by Mind Map: MAC Cosmetics

1. The Product

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1.1.1. Entrepreneurs, Frank Toskan, and ,Frank Angelo, recognized a want for higher performance, better quality, more pigmented, and a wider range of makeup colours and shades. Toskan and Angelo were enterprising, innovative, goal-oriented, and strong communicators. Angelo found success with a chain of beauty salons. Both entrepreneurs were involved in the beauty industry and had connections which they used to help grow their business.

1.1.2. MAC products are competitively priced in comparison to other high end, quality makeup brands. MAC standard lipstick $19 CAD Makeup Forever standard lipstick $23 CAD MAC has an exclusive MAC Pro collection which is only available to members. MAC Pro members pay a membership fee and must be a makeup professional.

1.2. MAC offers makeup, skincare, brush sets, and other tangible accessories. This company also has makeup consultation and application services.

1.2.1. Direct competitors are, Seohora, Makeup Forever, Tarte, Benefit, Dior, Clinique,. Competes with high quality product, exclusive collections, and lower prices.

2. Marketing

2.1. MAC uses social media, billboard ads, magazine publications,, celebrities, and charity events to advertise product.

2.2. MAC distributes free product to the media, professional artists, and celebrities.

2.2.1. This creates brand awareness, and product exposure.

2.3. MAC often uses famous celebrities in campaign ads and to promote products.

2.4. MAC maintains it's iconic clean packaging.

2.5. In contrast to the typical supermodel advertisments, in 1994, MAC launched a campaign featuring a black drag queen.

2.6. The target market is women 20 - 55 yrs old, with an above average income. She values aesthetics, quality and trends.

3. Finances

3.1. Parent company, Estee Lauder, had 10.97 billion dollars in 2014 revenue.

3.1.1. Estee Lauder had 6.98 billion dollars in 2014 expenses. Esteee Lauder had a net income of 1..2 billion dollars in 2014.

3.2. Income Statement

3.3. Estee Lauder purchased all MAC shares and is now the owner.

4. Social and Ethical Initiatives

4.1. MAC's motto is ,"all ages, all races, all sexes".

4.2. MAC offers and participates in numerous ethic and social issue centered programs.

4.2.1. The company portfolio includes the ,"MAC Aids Fund", "Viva Glam" product line and events, "Kids Helping Kids" greeting cards, and the "Back to MAC" recycling program. Sponsors music concert tours for Viva Glam spokespeople.

4.3. Company hosts employee volunteer programs.

4.4. MAC prides itself in it's "Cruelty-Free" North American beauty products.

4.4.1. This includes fair wages, and the exemption of animals in product testing withing North America.

5. Innovation

5.1. MAC was an indusry leader in the companies investment in it's human resources.

5.1.1. Staff are professional makeup artists. (MUA)

5.1.2. Results in professional, personalized, unique customer experience.

5.2. Identified social and health issues and created campaigns and collections to fund raise and support.

5.3. Major cosmetics company using celebrities in ads and for endorsement.

6. Distribution

6.1. MAC has over 1000 locations internationally, with 380 stores located outside of the US.

6.1.1. There are over 10 000 MAC employees.

6.1.2. MAC has manufacturing plants internationally.

6.1.3. To enter China's market, MAC was required to accommodate to required animal testing for products entering the country.

6.1.4. Products are available in over 70 different countries.,

6.2. MAC Cosmetics was aquired by Estee Lauder

6.2.1. The acquisition meant broadened markets and distribution paths. The company's exclusive distribution channels are, free-standing MAC locations, perfumeries, and beauty counters in major department stores.

6.2.2. Estee Lauder is a publicly owned, and traded corporation. MAC does not offer franchising options.

6.3. MAC products are available

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