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Team 5 Group Assessment by Mind Map: Team 5 Group Assessment
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Team 5 Group Assessment

What went well?

Encouraging Others

Honest feedback & appreciative reception

Giving Praise

Encouraged others

Honoured learning goals

Open & Honest checkins


Structuring a Learning Environment

Saw the systems picture

Tried to create an appropriate climate

Group 3 Triangle

Division of labour

Collaboration - task

We finished

Create a useable product

group 4 Circle

Support of Erin's illness

Contributed to everyone's personal growth as a team

Strengths utilised

Honoured learning goal

Opportunities for improvement

Group 1

Went to task too soon

discussing c of c at check-in to see how each one is being developed

Setting down the roots

Could have been ok w/o product

Not enough fun

Group 2

More check-ins & more meaningful

Disengagement (laptops, multi-tasking, vs listening)

Listen Better

More checks against values

Group 3


Is there such a thing as too much information?

Group 4 Horseshoe

Inconsistent participation without attending to it

Lack of bonding early

Didn't build trust up front

Group 5 Heart

Not acknowledging tension

Tension to meeting deadlines

Directive Leadership