Circuit Actions Processes

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Circuit Actions Processes by Mind Map: Circuit Actions Processes

1. Phase #1 Defining Request

1.1. Method of request

1.1.1. Request come in from SCX interaction

1.1.2. Direct request via customer from email/phone/person Does the customer have a pre-existing circuit able to be better utilized/shared Yes No Problems

1.1.3. Request comes in from WOM's Single Circuit Send Circuit Request Form Large Project/Multiple Circuits Send Circuit Request Form Migration Effort

2. Phase #2 Planning

2.1. Questions to Ask

2.1.1. Engineering Does previous technical solution exist? Yes No Unsure Does the request require installation of equipment? Yes Does this possibly require commercial leases?

2.1.2. Responsibilities Does the circuit require a memorandum of agreement? Defining Responsiblities Who is responsible for installing up to our networking equipment "DEMARC"

2.2. Helpful Items

2.2.1. Schedule

2.2.2. Tracking any approved configuration changes throughout

2.3. Tasks

2.3.1. Start basic CLR shell based of of enginered solution

3. Phase #4 Closing

3.1. Circuit installed IAW order

4. Phase #5 Lifecycle

4.1. Review and Re-validate

4.1.1. Validate circuit need every year

5. Phase #3 Execution

5.1. Aquisition

5.1.1. Comsec Ordering Start filling out comsec request form for processing

5.1.2. Equipment Ordering

5.1.3. Inventory Critical Spares Listing

5.1.4. Task Order Title 10 responsibilities

5.2. Paperwork

5.2.1. Input planning data into DDOE Step 1: Submit TSR Step 2: Wait for TSO

5.3. Install

5.3.1. Is T&A required? Yes Complete action, document, and store. No