Greg McEvilly on Motivation

Based on the fantastic talk by Greg McEvilly at TEDxWestlake about "The motivation for everything"

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Greg McEvilly on Motivation by Mind Map: Greg McEvilly on Motivation

1. If we're all motivated by love, there is nothing we can't accomplish.

2. Mission statement must reflect outward consciousness

2.1. Run everything you do through this motivation filter

3. Simon Sinek

3.1. People don't buy what we do, but why we do it.

3.2. Greatest leaders are dialled in the reason and purpose for existence.

4. What's your motivation behind everything you do?

5. Two core motivators that impact all our decision making

5.1. Love

5.1.1. Being others-centered, with little to no regard for self

5.2. Fear

5.2.1. Self-centered, with little to no regard for others

6. Actions themselves are basically neutral

6.1. But when we attach intent and motivation to those actions, they can have the power to have great impact for the greater good, or devastating impact.

7. Why should I be motivated by love?

7.1. It's the fullest way to live

7.2. Accomplishes greater good

7.3. Brings people and communities together

7.4. Conquers fear