American Horror Story

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American Horror Story by Mind Map: American Horror Story

1. Murder House

1.1. Main Characters

1.1.1. Constance Langdon Played by Jessica Lange

1.1.2. Dr. Ben Harmon Played by Dylan McDermott

1.1.3. Larry Harvey Played by Denis O'Hare

1.1.4. Tate Langdon Played by Evan Peters

1.1.5. Violet Harmon Played by Taissa Farmiga

1.1.6. Vivian Harmon Played by Connie Britton

1.2. Plot

1.2.1. Harmon family; psychiatrist Ben, his wife Vivien & their daughter violet move to Boston after Ben has an affair and Vivien has a miscarriage. Ben and Vivien try to fix their relationship as Violet finds Tate, who helps her battle depression. Their neighbours - the Langdons - Constance & her children, Addie and Tate - and the disfigured Larry Harvey influence the Harmons in any way, as the family discovers the house in haunted by past owners of the house.

1.3. Other Murder houses

1.3.1. LaLaurie House (New Orleans, Lousiana)

1.3.2. Lizzie Borden (Fall River, Massachusetts)

1.3.3. Morris-Jumel Mansion (New York, New York)

2. Coven

2.1. Main Characters

2.1.1. Cordelia Foxx Played by Sarah Paulson

2.1.2. Delphine Lalaurie Played by Kathy Bates

2.1.3. Fiona Goode Played by Jessica Lange

2.1.4. Kyle Spencer Played by Evan Peters

2.1.5. Madison Montgomery Played by Emma Roberts

2.1.6. Misty Day Played by Lily Rabe

2.1.7. Myrtle Snow Played by Frances Conroy

2.1.8. Spalding Played by Denis O'Hare

2.1.9. Zoe Benson Played by Taissa Farmiga

2.2. Plot

2.2.1. Follows around a school of witches in New Orleans in 2013. Long-absent supreme Fiona Goode returns to assure the safety of the coven, as well as fulfill her own personal agenda. Cordelia, Fiona's daughter teaches the school, welcoming new recruit Zoe Benson. As the show progresses it shows the rivalry between the witches & voodoo practitioners as well as a historic grudge against Delphine LaLaurie.

2.3. Famous Witch Events

2.3.1. Pendle Witch Trials of 1612 (Landcaster, UK)

2.3.2. Salem Witch Trials of 1692 (Colonial, Massachusetts)

3. About The Show

3.1. Basic Idea

3.1.1. American Horror Story is a anthology series created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Each season is its own self-contained mini-series with its own characters, setting and plot consisting with its own "beginning, middle and end."

3.2. Filming

3.2.1. Both season 1 & 2 were filmed in California, inside and outside. The first season was filmed on a set eight the exact replica of the murder house in Los Angeles. The second season was filmed on the outskirts of Los Angeles in Hidden Valley, Ventura County. The third season was primarily filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana but was filmed in multiple locations. The fourth season was filmed in New Orleans as well, though the story takes place in Jupiter, Florida.

3.3. Conception

3.3.1. Creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk began working on American Horror Story before the production of Glee, Murphy wanted to do something different than the upbeat, happy, easy shows he had previously been working on. Falchuk liked the idea of putting a spin on the horror genre, he stated that their main goal was to spook the viewers, make the viewers question themselves afterwards as well as when their watching.

4. Asylum

4.1. Main Characters

4.1.1. Dr. Arthur Arden Played by James Cromwell

4.1.2. Dr. Oliver Thredson Played by Zachary Quinto

4.1.3. Grace Bertrand Played by Lizzie Brocheré

4.1.4. Kit Walker Played by Evan Peters

4.1.5. Lana Winters Played by Sarah Paulson

4.1.6. Monsignor Timothy Howard Played by Joseph Fiennes

4.1.7. Sister Jude Martin Played by Jessica Lange

4.1.8. Sister Mary Eunice McKee Played by Lily Rabe

4.2. Plot

4.2.1. Asylum follows the lives of the patients and doctors of Braircliff Mental Institution, created to house the criminally insane in 1964. Sister Jude and sister Mary Eunice work along aide Monsignor Timothy Howard to run the asylum. Braircliff's patients are exposed to supernatural occurrences like alien abduction and demonic possession.

4.3. Other Famous Asylums

4.3.1. Ararat Lunatic Asylum (Victoria, Australia)

4.3.2. Athens Mental Hospital (Athens, Ohio)

4.3.3. Beechworth Lunatic Asylum (Victoria, Australia)

4.3.4. Beelitz-Heilstätten Sanatorium (Brandenburg, Germany)

4.3.5. Tranquille Sanatorium (British Columbia, Canada)

5. Freak Show

5.1. Main Characters

5.1.1. Bette & Dot Tattler Played by Sarah Paulson

5.1.2. Dandy Mott Played by Finn Wittrock

5.1.3. Dell Toledo Played by Michael Chiklis

5.1.4. Desiree Dupree Played by Angela Bassett

5.1.5. Elsa Mars Played by Jessica Lange

5.1.6. Ethel Darling Played by Kathy Bates

5.1.7. Gloria Mott Played by Frances Conroy

5.1.8. Jimmy Darling Played by Evan Peters

5.1.9. Maggie Esmerelda Played by Emma Roberts

5.1.10. Stanley Played by Denis O'Hare

5.2. Plot

5.2.1. Follows around the members of the last remaining freak shows in 1952. Elsa Mars, the owner of 'Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities' and her monsters live in Jupiter, Florida. They face a serial killer, psychopath rich kid and a con man who all have plans of their own. This season focuses on new recruits Bette and Dot, conjoined twins and their lives after their mother dies, seeing the outside world and joining the freak show, along with what ever decisions they make.

5.3. Famous Freak Show performers

5.3.1. Grady Stiles, Lobster Boy

5.3.2. Charles Sherwood Stratton, General Tom Thumb

5.3.3. Myrtle Corbin, Four-legged Lady Myrtle Corbin

5.3.4. Cristian Ramos, Lionel the Lion Faced Man

5.3.5. Isaac W. Sprague, the Living Skeleton

6. Important Names

6.1. Editors

6.1.1. Bradley Buecker

6.1.2. Doc Crotzer

6.2. Main Actors

6.2.1. Denis O'Hare

6.2.2. Evan Peters

6.2.3. Frances Conroy

6.2.4. Jessica Lange

6.2.5. Kathy Bates

6.2.6. Sarah Paulson

6.2.7. Taissa Farmiga

6.3. Producers

6.3.1. Alexis Martin Woodall

6.3.2. Brad Falchuk

6.3.3. Bradley Buecker

6.3.4. Dante Di Loreto

6.3.5. James Wong

6.3.6. Jennifer Salt

6.3.7. Patrick McKee

6.3.8. Robert M. Williams Jr.

6.3.9. Ryan Murphy

6.3.10. Tim Minear

6.4. Writers

6.4.1. Brad Falchuk

6.4.2. James Wong

6.4.3. Jennifer Salt

6.4.4. Jessica Sharzer

6.4.5. Ryan Murphy

6.4.6. Tim Minear