Eastern Philosophy

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Eastern Philosophy by Mind Map: Eastern Philosophy

1. Taoism

1.1. Naturalistic philosophy

1.2. Taoism is the 'Way' (path) to unify one with the ultimate reality

1.3. Steady acceptance of the ultimate truths

2. Hinduism

2.1. One real reality

2.2. Goal is to find the Truth

2.3. One goal- self-realization through seeking awareness, understanding and connection with Ultimate Reality

3. Confucionism

3.1. Gain enlightenment through the revitalization of forgotten nobility

3.2. Confucianism holds much respect for elders and ancestors

4. Buddhism

4.1. Dukkha

4.1.1. Suffering is everywhere

4.2. Samudaya

4.2.1. Cause of suffering

4.3. Nirohda

4.3.1. The end of suffering, the nirvhana

4.4. Marga

4.4.1. Path leading out of suffering