What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

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What have you learnt from your audience feedback? by Mind Map: What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

1. Feedback from "Treatment" pitch

1.1. Some of the positive feedback I have received for our initial ideas about the music video were that it was good. They liked the idea of the pictures correlating with the theme of the music video and the lyrics. The photographs being our motifs were told to be good ideas as it fits well with the lyrics.

1.2. However, some did say that the song doesn't appeal to them. It was agreed that if the narrative is coherent as well as structured well, it may be more enticing to watch as it didn't seem interesting at the time. the main feedback was that the song may turn out to be typical and cliche and may not be very unique.

1.3. We continued to pursue our ideas and continue with the same track as we believed that we would be able to achieve a great heartbreak music video with similar conventions to a typical music video but being able to make it different through editing as well as the motif.

2. Feedback from the "Rough-cut" of our music video pitch

2.1. We received both positive feedback as well minor constructive feedback regarding some acting skills as well as some minor shooting errors that needed adjusting

2.2. Positive feedback that were addressed were the types of editing and effects used throughout the music video. They also commented on how well the reverse effect was used near the end of the music video and how it went really well with the story we were portraying. They also liked the effects of the black and white used in some scenes as it denotes the simplicity of the flashbacks.

2.3. Some constructive criticism provided were the facts that the images used in the music video were used for too long; therefore we should speed up the duration they are used. It was also said the lip synching was not very clear; so we should reshoot him singing the song in full in the studio and cut them into the video so we would also have more cut away scenes as some of our cutting rates are too slow. Lastly, we were asked to show the artist and the actress to be more interactional so it would cause more intimacy between the two.

3. How we've acted upon the feedback?

3.1. Due to the images being used for far too long, we ensured we added more images to make it run smoothly and add a faster cutting rate by sourcing it in this format.

3.2. We also reshoot some things from the music video to make the lip synching much more accurate as well as including some studio shots of him singing straight into the camera.

3.3. As for the interaction level. I believe that it wasn't kept to such a minimal that it required them too be more interactive; therefore, we kept it the same and unchanged.

4. Feedback on "Print products" pitch

4.1. Positive feedback we received on our ideas from the pitch were that the idea of the female actress being a mere shadow in the background of the CD were good; However it was believed that it could divert the attention away from the artist. It was suggested that the park may be a good location to include within the CD packaging. Another suggestion was that we can take a shot of the artist from the music video but create a different scenario through the use of Photoshop; a key example of this is the Justin Timberlake's 20/20 album.

4.2. How we acted upon the feedback from the pitch. We did want to use the shadow, yet when it came to photography we did not use the shadow like we had planned and just used the artist alone throughout the print products. However, we did change a certain aspect of the photography by clipping an image from the music video and added a greyscale effect..

5. comments on the final piece of the final music video are attached on the blog below

5.1. heyda

6. comments on final print products are attached on the blog below

7. feedback conclusion

7.1. Overall the pitches went well as we conveyed our ideas clearly and received both positive and constructive criticism I believe has helped us throughout the production of the products.

7.2. For the research process the feedback on our treatment really helped us gain ideas on what we should do to attract the target audience. The feedback our pitches all received were all useful also as we developed some ideas provided to us as it really helped develop and improve the quality of the work as it is vital to receive good audience feedback.

7.3. The comments we got from youtube and other social outlets were very useful as it helped provide the appropriate criticism as well as feedback regarding our products.