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1nspiring Webinar 25 feb 2015 by Mind Map: 1nspiring Webinar
25 feb 2015
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1nspiring Webinar 25 feb 2015

1nspiring Business model

Phase 1




Phase 2




Phase 3





Vicky Fasten, expert Investormatch, large platform for matchmaking in corporate finance and startup finance, match entrepreneurs with finance, financing business, for:, innovations, go to new markets, such as, help with the deal, find the right investor

entrepreneurial mind, energetic, always up to something

Alexis van Dam (LiveMindMapper)

LiveMindMapper at, livemindmapper, visualising information, keynotes and sessions in mindmaps, entrepreneur

partner, World of Minds

Bart Jenezon

Host, fouding partner, key, focus, focus development, your life and business is your message to the world, make sure it is 1nspiring, intelligence is..., mastering our thinking

help realizing dreams for entrepreneurs

team academy

Diemer van der Berg


war for talent

the best people in right place


multiple project at 1 time

focus on core competences

platform, for student

community of pratice

knowledge sharing

sharing extra net

white label

co creation


2 schools




make money, students/ professionals is free, companies pay


Three Melons

used to create video games, Matel, Lego, created content as part of advertising campaigns

sold the company to PlayDom

acquired by Disney

worked 3 years with Disney, where, Buenos Aires, San Fransisco, difficult to work creatively, normally 2 weeks, takes 6 weeks when not close together, uses to work, using the walls, created a shared understanding

co founder

funded by, angel investors, intel capital etc

what is it?, digital designer wall

idea, empower proces, research, collect, ideate, start, make creative teams work better together, Shared understanding, build together on top of shared understanding

facts, 600k users, growing fast, 30% monthly growth, world wide

summary, feedback is the inspiration, partnership with IDEO

Q&A, how to cope with financial investment for tech startup?, build and code software by itself, afterwards you can let programmer join for a so so salary, it is easy to get some money, small building block, cloud computing, you van start for free, biggest challenge for a start-up, Human Resources, great talent available in Buenos Aires, not an challenge, Getting out of the word, what is the vision of, 1 if you are in design: is for you, 1 more design practices to traditional companies, 2 more cheap hardware comes in to the room, partnership with microsoft kinectic, hope to see it in every meeting room, goals for the future?, default tool for every creative departurent, growing in community and use cases, product enhancements, new features?, more issues with synthesizing, understand problem, chaos > definition, designer solution, ideas > workable ideas, visual, more intelligence in murals, now they are visual collectors, find patterns, voting, algorithms; create meta data, prezi was acquired is it a competitor?, is for, collaboration, bridging ideas, comparable to, yammer, slack, google, is more a niche, create use cases first, focus on, creative methodologies, grow in other branches, what about mindmeister?, all of those tools, are better for specific use cases, more, more freedom in methodology, combine everything together, a white board, knowledge base for creative processes, Marketing strategy, SAAS tool, collaboration tool, users bring in other people, use sometimes for free for key users, try to get feedback, in contact with lot of others, more comfortable with visual environment, better and faster communications with visual aid, in group proces people stick to sticky notes