URA White Caucus

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URA White Caucus by Mind Map: URA White Caucus

1. To do's

1.1. Compile notes re principles/intentions

1.1.1. Compile where we are to date; review in 6 months

1.1.2. Send out with URA principles

1.2. European Dissent Document

1.2.1. Check-in with NOLA European Dissent- Have revamped document? Any other counsel?

1.2.2. All read the European Dissent document. Discuss at meeting. Form a working group to revise and bring a draft to the group.

1.2.3. Convert it into a 'zine. Make it more exciting and easier to read. Include art. Put on website.

1.3. Process questions

1.3.1. How do we hold each other accountable in meetings?

1.3.2. Develop committees (?)

1.3.3. What does it look like to be a white racist anti-racist?

1.3.4. How do we want to be accountable to people of color?

1.3.5. Identify meeting debrief process

1.4. Keep attendance up at A.W.A.R.E. meetings

1.5. Reconsider our name: deeper levels of “aware”ness

2. Things AWARE does

2.1. AWARE Meetings

2.1.1. Build trust and relationships with each other.

2.1.2. Share and deepen our understanding of white/Euro cultures. Reconnect to our roots. Culture sharing

2.1.3. Direct action, strategizing, organizing

2.1.4. Role playing – practicing and trying out strategies for addressing racism

2.1.5. A space to work through/ safe to say fucked up things without burdening people of color

2.1.6. Strategize around structural racism, not just interpersonal long-term strategy vs. actions that feel more urgent

2.1.7. Strategize how to address racism in our homes, communities, workplaces, etc.

2.1.8. Share ongoing events/organizing activity

2.1.9. Learn about anti-racist white history

2.1.10. Share articles, videos, book club

2.2. Publish

2.2.1. Put up a web site/web page on URA site

2.2.2. Make a zine

2.2.3. Collectively decide what to publish

2.2.4. Anti-racist white history

2.2.5. Rules of engagement for white people

2.3. For URA

2.3.1. Raise money for URA trainings and other activities

2.3.2. Recruit people to take the training

2.4. For community

2.4.1. Be able to intervene when problematic behavior.

3. Intentions

3.1. General

3.1.1. Organize with solidarity and non-hierarchy

3.1.2. Commit to anti-racist problem-solving

3.1.3. Show up! It’s a privilege to have the choice to sit out

3.1.4. Showing up looks different/people show up in different ways

3.1.5. We hold the complexity of privilege while keeping our focus on racism

3.1.6. Celebrate and reclaim our humanity.

3.1.7. A lifetime commitment

3.2. Within AWARE

3.2.1. Developing a space for white people in this movement. How we do this in solidarity with people of color while showing respect

3.2.2. Share and deepen our understanding of white/Euro cultures. Reconnect to our roots (and share them).

3.2.3. Share joy and community by working through ego, competition, one-upmanship, superiority 
through collaboration, shared power

3.2.4. Space holding for white people to learn to do anti-racist work and make mistakes

3.2.5. We are committed to struggle and hold each other accountable with compassion Anti-racist buddy system of accountability

3.2.6. Building our skill set to interrupt racism - one way is with role play together

3.2.7. Learn how to struggle effectively with people of color to build on antiracist culture without 
perpetuating the problem

3.3. With URA collective & caucases

3.3.1. Our core guiding principles must be the principles of URA.

3.3.2. Identify AWARE's relationship with URA and how we collaborate

3.3.3. Be transparent with the other caucuses (what our caucus is doing), and stay accountable to them and the URA collective.

3.3.4. We want to avoid “becoming the steering wheel”. Any campaign work should be coordinated with URA.

3.4. With Community

3.4.1. Build accountability with people of color (how?)

3.4.2. Allies to work with our community/political groups, to take on the institutions

3.4.3. We have made a commitment to be anti-racist and organize not just where it is comfortable, but in personal lives, family, organizations, etc.

3.4.4. We commit to taking the work beyond our group, being careful to respect the leadership of 
people and communities of color

4. Contract

4.1. Listen with respect

4.2. Everyone participates

4.3. Liberated zone

4.4. Focus on racism

4.5. Non-hierarchy

4.6. No quick fixes

4.7. No cross talk

4.8. Go with what you know

4.9. Meet your growing edge

4.10. Listen without Judgment

4.11. Confidentiality/amnesty

4.12. Electronics muted

4.13. Stay the whole time/Take care of your body