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'Science and Religion will always conflict'. Discuss by Mind Map: 'Science and Religion will always conflict'. Discuss
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'Science and Religion will always conflict'. Discuss

counter argument

science complements religion

"A legitimate conflict between science and religion cannot exist. Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." Albert Einstein


IVF & cloning/stem cell research


Creationism vs evolution

science is very practical and is all about facts while religion is more related to one's beliefs and often cannot be proven in terms of existence

"Religion tells us how to get to heaven, not how the heavens go" Galileo Galilei


a system of acquiring knowledge based on empiricism, experimentation and methodological naturalism.


the belief in and worship of a god/gods, or any such system of belief and worship, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.


To conclude, science and religion will conflict with each other to a large extent because both use different methods to derive their 'facts'. However, in areas where science cannot provide any answers to explain phenomena, religion serves as a solution to our doubts.