World Religons

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World Religons by Mind Map: World Religons

1. Judaism becan about 4000 years ago in the Middle East with the Hebrew people. Abraham is thought as the father of the Judish religion. He taught of the belief there is one God. This is different because many people in the Middle East belief in many gods. Relatives of Abraham became known as the Israelites. God promised to take care of them if they listen to him. God gave Moses a leader the know as the Ten Commandments, formed the basis of the Torah, and the book of Jewish laws. There are three basic groups and the Jewish religon, Orthadox Jew, conservativa Jews, and Reform Jews. Now Jewish people belive that Jesus a great teacher possibly a prophet but not the Son of God. They are still waiting for gods Son.

2. Cristanity began with Jesus Christ born in a Jewish faith. He grew following the faith until he began to preach the Jewish leaders were not doing the right things. Jesus began to teach the kindom of god is rooted in service and love. Many of the Jewish leader became self serving and not following the rules. From a young age Jesus had followed god and taught about him. But now as a man Jesus started saying things that divide the people. Jesus taught that do to sin man was lossing his relationship with god. Jesus taught of a New Covenant with God. Jesus with pay with a man kind for sins and create a new relationship with god of forgiveness and love. Jesus did the things he said Jesus said he would be crucified, died, and rised agin. Raising from the dead symbolizes we too can rise from the death of earth to live in heaven. After Jesus died his followers were calles Christians the first Christiands where the Disciples

3. Judaism

4. Islam

4.1. According to the Islam religion the prophet Mohammed recieved his first revelation in a cave on Mt. Hira near Mecca which is now saudi Arabia in 610 A.D. Islam is the youngest of the great world religons. The word Islam means surrender, submission in peace. Mohammad recieved the Koran, the book of Islam. The words came from Allah through the angle Gabrial. Mohammad recieved manny mesages from Allah in his lifetime. There are two groups of Muslims, Sunnis, and the Sh'ites. They agree on most basic beliefs but disagree on the rightful leader of Islam Mohammad died. Musslims beliefed in one God Allah and angels. They believed in the holy books like the Torah, the Bible, and the Krian. They belief Jesus is a profit they belief that Muslims believe in the Day of Judgement and life after death.

5. Cristanity