Is a world dominated by science a dream or nightmare for future generations?

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Is a world dominated by science a dream or nightmare for future generations? by Mind Map: Is a world dominated by science a dream or nightmare for future generations?

1. Nightmare

1.1. Cloning

1.1.1. Conflicts with religious beliefs as it changes the works of God

1.1.2. Leads to social unhappiness which may lead to protests and unrest

1.2. Greater income inequality/disparity in standards of living

1.2.1. Technologically-advanced products such as computers/handphones tend to be more expensive The poor from developing nations are unable to afford them Science is unable to free them from the poverty cycle. Even future generations are stuck. The rich continue to be able to afford such items and enjoy the satisfaction they give They are better able to enjoy the fruits of science and technology

1.3. Environmental degradation

1.3.1. global warming due to gas emissions from automobiles,refrigerators higher temperatures and warmer climates could escalate beyond repair brings to reality the nightmare of a living hell with unbearable heat increases the likelihood of floods in low-lying areas

1.3.2. depletion of natural resources fossil fuels, minerals and other raw materials are used at a rapid rate for research, production and development these take a very long time to replenish, such that we're consuming them at a faster rate than they're replenishing

1.3.3. nuclear waste and harmful radiation

1.3.4. more e-wastes generated due to mass production of electronic products such as handphones, TVs,computers etc if not properly disposed of, lead, mercury, heavy metals and other toxic materials will leak landfills soil or water may be polluted

1.4. More powerful weapons which may cause mass destruction

1.4.1. eg.atomic bomings and the long-lasting effects of atomic radiation chemical&biological weapons that may cause gene mutation

1.4.2. eg. inventions of nuclear weapons and threats of nuclear wars from countries like North Korea

2. Dream

2.1. More relaxed lifestyle

2.1.1. New machines and tools invented and developed to make certain tasks more efficient and less taxing on people Less manual labor and hard work for a certain level of productivity Employees can enjoy shorter working hours and more time for leisure and family

2.2. Enhanced health standards

2.2.1. Through advances in medical infrastructure, new medicines and cures developed from S&T Perhaps a cure for terminal illnesses like cancer for future generations as science keeps bringing about new discoveries

2.2.2. New vaccines against new diseases or stronger vaccines for existing viruses can be discovered and created for people People less likely to fall ill, less risk of an epidemic or disease outbreak A disease-free world is a safer place for future generations to live in and prosper with much less fear and worry

2.3. More affordable products

2.3.1. As technology advances, products can be manufactured more easily Cost of production and hence prices of products are cheaper and more affordable to the society For example, flu vaccines and medicine are much more affordable Handphones have become a common commodity for the middle class and are not just toys for the rich men

2.4. Increased connectivity with the world

2.4.1. The rise of the World Wide Web in the 1990s has greatly increased the interconnectivity of the world News can be spread more easily to the world Eg. when a natural disaster hits a country, people from all over the world can easily learn of the news from the Internet. For eg. Sichuan earthquake Social networks have become very popular Communication made easier Learn about friends' ongoing lives easily through networks like Facebook and Twitter - keeps us connected with friends, even those whom we have not caught up with for a long time