Successful Online Students

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Successful Online Students by Mind Map: Successful Online Students

1. EI as a Predictor of Success in Online Learning

1.1. Learning environment

1.2. Lack of empirical evidence

1.3. Article Findings

1.3.1. Learners need to be emotionally comfortable w/ learning environment

1.3.2. Online learning can elicit frustration, anxiety, apprehension and students must be able to harness those negative emotions

1.3.3. EI was the primary predictor of academic success in online courses

1.3.4. EI was positively correlated with GPA

2. Successful Online Students Discussion

3. What's to be done?

4. Personal Introduction

4.1. Academic Background

4.2. Professional Background

4.3. Encountering EI people

4.4. Combining two passions - teaching and emotional intelligence

5. Emotional Intelligence Defined

6. EI Threshold Competencies

6.1. Self-Awareness

6.2. Self-Regulation

6.3. Self-Confidence

6.4. Conscientiousness

6.5. Resilience

7. Good News...Bad News