TEDxRdam talk - Bas Haring

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TEDxRdam talk - Bas Haring by Mind Map: TEDxRdam talk - Bas Haring


1.1. 1 its fun

1.2. 2 get new ideas

1.3. 3. enable yourself to come up with ideas

1.3.1. disconned for the rest of ideas

1.3.2. enable to come up with completely novel special

2. Bas Haring

2.1. Philoso­pher

2.1.1. known to ask everyday questions

2.1.2. something different

2.2. task

2.2.1. question everything

2.2.2. also this gathering

2.2.3. conclusion enjoy learn but do the opposite think for yourself

3. story

3.1. 10 years old

3.2. blackboard

3.2.1. holiday cabin construction words out of it 5 minutes write down words fair change to win only point for unique words my words also on the others list strategy concentrating only on 1 special word the rest produced quantity

3.2.2. admire those ideas people

3.3. strategy

3.3.1. develop a special strategy

3.3.2. get your own ideas

3.3.3. OWN ideas are special

4. book

4.1. evulotion

4.1.1. visit the Lofoten

4.1.2. disconnected form the world

4.1.3. can you write a book without access to library people etc

4.2. he had to reinvent the topic in this book

4.2.1. but his ideas his thoughts forced by reinventing

5. own things are special

5.1. assemble his own central heating

5.1.1. own it

5.1.2. understand it

5.1.3. proud of it

5.1.4. show it off to visitors

5.1.5. build it by himself

5.1.6. its is special

6. back to overview

7. islands

7.1. yield diversity

7.2. are special

7.3. 2010 biodiversity year UN

7.3.1. less species

7.3.2. diminishing why climate change not so many islands species are transported therefore dimishing

8. shops in Rdam

8.1. more different shops

8.2. but the same shops in all cities

8.3. this wasn't show in the past

8.4. this is happening due to connectivity

9. be an island

9.1. be disconnected

9.2. think for yourself

9.3. instead of re using other toughts

9.4. we continuously share

9.4.1. mail

9.4.2. twitter

9.4.3. facebook

9.4.4. minds are connected less diversity it is a pity

9.5. Newton

9.5.1. use ideas to come up with own ideas

9.5.2. he became an island

9.6. use other peoples ideas

9.6.1. its good

9.7. but disconnect

9.7.1. and create special ideas

9.7.2. enable yourself


10.1. be an island

10.1.1. think for yourself

10.2. something completely different is hopefully you

10.3. and its FUN