World Religions

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World Religions by Mind Map: World Religions

1. Hinduism

1.1. Found anywhere in the world and is one of the oldest religions.

1.2. Worship nature elements and they don't believe in one god (polytheism).

1.3. Brahman is everything and is worshiped in many forms.

1.4. Rivers are sacred. Ganges river is the most sacred river.

1.5. Karma is the effect of good and bad and if you have good karma you can eventually reach nirvana after being reincarnated several times.

1.6. Temples are sacred and are the resting place for Brahman and his many forms

1.7. Hindus also worship in shrines in their homes

1.8. Sacred writing such as Vedas were written in Sanskrit

1.9. Had several holidays

1.10. Marks on foreheads represent good luck

2. Buddhism

2.1. Most Buddhists live in China

2.2. Suffering is caused by desire

2.3. The prince who started Buddhism became enlightened and the Buddha

2.4. Four Noble truths: Suffering is in all life, desire is the cause of suffering, suffering can be ended, follow the eight fold path to end suffering.

2.5. The Eight fold Path: right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration

2.6. Dharma: Law of Buddhism

2.7. Belief in reincarnation

2.8. Karma effects what happens in next life

2.9. Buddhists want to reach nirvana and end reincarnation.

2.10. Buddha - Fully enlightened

3. Judaism

3.1. First religion to proclaim monotheism - one god

3.2. Torah is a writing which is about what God expects of them.

3.3. Basis for Judaism is the ten commandments

3.4. !4 million Jews today

3.5. Pogroms killed many Jews in Russia

3.6. Adolf Hilter was the biggest threat to Jews. He killed 6 million Jews.

3.7. Shul, synagogue, and temples are places for worship

3.8. Synagogues are places of study, assembly and worship

3.9. The Passover is a important holiday where they celebrate the exodus

3.10. There has to be a light that burns all the time called the eternal light in the synagogue

4. Islam

4.1. Islam was founded by Mohammed, a religious, political,and military leader.

4.2. Belief in one god

4.3. Allah is believed to be the same god worshiped in Judaism and Christianity

4.4. The five pillars of faith are the basic religious duties

4.5. A follower of Islam is called Muslim

4.6. Muslims must make a pilgrimage to Mecca in their lifetime

4.7. Muslims have to pray 5 times a day

4.8. Muslims have no statues or painting because they don't want people having false idols

4.9. Muslims are not allowed to have pork or drink alcohol

4.10. Shari'ah shapes and guides Muslims daily life

4.11. Muslims believe that this life is just a test and when you die you are judged

5. Christianity

5.1. Believe in one god

5.2. Jesus is healer of sick and was arrested and crucified then he rose from the dead

5.3. Easter is the biggest holiday in the church.

5.4. God is called Christ.

5.5. Christianity split into many churches

5.6. Belief in the trinity The father the son and holy ghost.

5.7. Belief that Jesus is gods son and was sent down to to us from sin

5.8. Basic beliefs in the Bible

5.9. Four Gospels that tell the story of Jesus life

5.10. Go through confirmation and baptism