Characters from Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

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Characters from Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by Mind Map: Characters from Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

1. Prince Hamlet

1.1. Son of Gertrude and King Hamlet

1.2. Nephew of Claudius

1.3. Wants to avenge fathers death by killing Claudius

1.4. Accidentally kills Polonius

1.5. In the end kills Claudius while killing Claudius

1.6. Slowly slips in to madness throughout entire play

2. Ophelia

2.1. Daughter of Polonius and sister of Laertes

2.2. Love interest of Prince Hamlet

2.3. Agrees to spy on Prince Hamlet for Polonius

2.4. In the end slips in to madness and commits suicide

3. Claudius

3.1. Murderer of King Hamlet

3.2. New Husband of Queen Gertrude as well as new king

3.2.1. Therefore is new king

3.3. Uncle of Prince Hamlet

3.4. Plots to kill Prince Hamlet while Prince Hamlet plots to kill him

3.5. In the end is killed by Prince Hamlet while he kills Prince Hamlet

4. Ghost of King Hamlet

4.1. Late husband of Queen Gertrude and father of Prince Hamlet

4.2. Visits castle at night and tells his son the truth about his death

4.3. Demands Prince Hamlet to seek revenge and kill Claudius

5. Queen Gertrude

5.1. Mother of Prince Hamlet and widow of King Hamlet

5.2. Marries Claudius one month after King Hamlet's death

5.3. Wonders why Prince Hamlet is acting so strange