Continents, Countries, and Flags

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Continents, Countries, and Flags by Mind Map: Continents, Countries, and Flags

1. Ghana has a population of approximately 27 million people, the country is as big as the state of ohio.

2. Ghana

2.1. Ghana was the first African nation to declare independence from and European country.

2.2. Ghana gained its independence from the British empire on March 6, 1957

3. Nigeria

3.1. Nigeria is often referred to as the giant of Africa, because it has the biggest economy and it is the most populated country in Africa.

3.2. On October 1, 1960 Nigeria declared independence from the British.

3.3. Nigeria is the 12th largest producer in oil in the world.

4. Flags

4.1. The Ghanian government adopted the flag in 1957

4.2. The Nigerian flag was first designed in 1959 but was officially adopted when the nation became independent in 1960.

4.3. Both countries are apart of the united nations.

5. Africa

5.1. Ghana is a country in Africa

5.2. Nigeria is a country in Africa

5.3. Ghana and Nigeria are separated by 23 hours.