Class 3: Alerts, RSS, and Research

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Class 3: Alerts, RSS, and Research by Mind Map: Class 3:  Alerts, RSS, and Research

1. Email Alerts

1.1. Google

1.1.1. Can get e-mail alerts with or without Google account.

1.2. Ebscohost Academic Search Premier

1.2.1. Create an account in Ebsco, then set up alerts!

1.3. Proquest

1.3.1. Do not need account, just search and go!

1.4. Set Up Email Alert

2. RSS

2.1. RSS Readers

2.1.1. RSS Readers come in many types. Web-based Readers Windows Specific Mac Specific Handheld/Mobile Device Specific

2.1.2. Most Popular/Common Readers Bloglines Google Reader Thunderbird Mail RSSReader or Feed Reader

2.1.3. For more options!

2.2. Live Bookmarks

2.3. RSS Feeds

2.3.1. How do you know whether a page has an RSS feed?

2.3.2. How do I add a live bookmark?

2.3.3. Top 100 RSS Feeds

3. Web 2.0