Input vs. Output Devices

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Input vs. Output Devices by Mind Map: Input vs. Output Devices

1. The challenges with input devices would be choosing the right hardware for the students, and the cost because the hardware may have to be replaced.

2. A challenge for output devices would be cost, maintenance and the devices are heavy, the would be difficult to transport if need be.

3. The benefit of these deices are that the students can see the data that is being processed

4. Various types of keyboards and pointing devices can be used to meet the needs of different learners. They focus on the one task of entering data and can be adjusted for speed and display to better meet the needs of the learner.

5. Types of output devices: Printer and Monitor

6. Types of input devices: Keyboard, point devices (mouse, stylus) voice recognition

7. An input device is any device that allows users to enter data and commands.

8. Output devices include all hardware components that move information or data that has to be processed out of the computer to make it accessible to you.