Unhealthy America

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Unhealthy America by Mind Map: Unhealthy America

1. Diseases

1.1. heart disease

1.1.1. heart attack

1.1.2. low blood pressure severe bleeding enlarged organs weakened heart muscle inflammation of the pericardium (sac around the heart)

1.1.3. high cholesterol fat in blood

1.1.4. tachycardia rapid heart beat

1.1.5. high blood pressure pregnancy problems birth control pills kidney disease hardening of the arteries high sodium intake alcohol use lack of exercise

1.2. diabetes

1.2.1. type 1

1.2.2. type 2

1.3. cancer

1.3.1. colon cancer

1.3.2. lung cancer

1.3.3. esophageal cancer

1.3.4. breast cancer

1.4. depression

1.4.1. bipolar extreme shifts in moods

1.4.2. atypical major depression-unable to experience any positive moods

1.4.3. major depression feeling of hopelessness

1.5. respitory illnesses

1.5.1. asthma

1.5.2. tuberculosis

1.5.3. pneumonia

1.6. suicide

1.6.1. social struggles

1.6.2. separation from parents or spouse

1.6.3. depression

1.7. stroke

1.7.1. ischemic caused by blod clot that blocks an artery or vein 80% of strokes are ischemic

1.7.2. hemorrhagic caused by a blod clot in the brain that bursts and bleeds 20% of strokes are hemorrhagic

2. prevention

2.1. avoid stress

2.1.1. take a nice hot bath

2.1.2. get a massage

2.1.3. get a hobby scrapbook sew go hiking go fishing go camping

2.2. happiness

2.2.1. live a happy lifestyle play with your kids communicate with your partner love your animals love yourself

2.2.2. make wise choices get a career you love live life to the fullest because you only get one chance

2.3. avoid drugs

2.3.1. tobacco cigarrettes chewing tobacco

2.3.2. alcohol liquor mouthwash teens and alcoholics will use this when other alcohol is not accessable beer wine

2.3.3. illegal drugs marijuana methamphetamines heroine unprescribed prescription drugs codeine opium oxycontin percocet demerol fentanyl cocaine

2.4. exercise

2.4.1. jog

2.4.2. walk

2.4.3. arobics

2.4.4. swim

2.4.5. join a sport basketball baseball bowling Tea Kwon Do

2.4.6. skate roller skate ice skate ski

3. Weight Problems

3.1. obesity

3.1.1. high fat and high calorie diet

3.1.2. genetics

3.1.3. physical inactivity

3.1.4. emotional and psychological factors

3.1.5. medical problems

3.2. bulimia

3.2.1. causes life changes stress sadness culture People in the U.S. are pressured to be thin low self-esteem

3.3. anorexia

3.3.1. causes cultural pressures life changes psychological issues family troubles

4. Food

4.1. healthy foods

4.1.1. fruits apples grapes oranges cherries pears peaches

4.1.2. vegetables all green vegetables spinach broccoli green beans soy beans carrots tomatoes sweet potatoes cauliflower

4.1.3. nuts almonds peanuts walnuts

4.1.4. legumes beans black eyed peas lentils

4.1.5. white meats fish tilapia flounder chicken turkey

4.1.6. whole grains 100% whole wheat pastas 100% whole wheat breads

4.2. unhealthy foods

4.2.1. sweets candy cookies cakes

4.2.2. processed foods lunch meats hot dogs spam deli meats any foods in a box cereals white pastas mixes (pancakes, bread, cake) white breads frozen dinners

4.2.3. red meats ribs brisket sausage bacon steaks