Media and Community Building

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Media and Community Building by Mind Map: Media and Community Building

1. Course Objectives

2. The Civil Society Debate

2.1. Civil society is the relations of conscious associations, self-organization and organized communication.

2.2. Robert Putnam argues that America's moral and social values have declined and that Americans have been pulled apart from each other and the community.

2.2.1. Putnam views Media as a destructive of community

2.2.2. deliberation in civil society

2.2.3. Freedom of association

2.2.4. diversity

2.2.5. Trust

2.3. Theorist Jean Cohen argues that associations create good social capital and increases political responsibility.

3. Competency

3.1. Public and Private partnerships

3.2. Government and State

3.2.1. Active roles

3.2.2. Political apathy

3.3. Social and economic policies

3.3.1. Ecological preservation

3.4. Capitalism

4. Community Media Studies

4.1. There were six important scholars who studied marginality surrounding community media.

4.1.1. John Downing Alternative, community and radical media

4.1.2. Clemencia Rodriguez Reframed alternative and community media as "Citizens" media.

4.1.3. Chris Atton Classifies fanzines as subcultural

4.1.4. Nick Jankowski

4.1.5. Peter Lewis

4.1.6. Nick Couldry Alternative media is a weapon of the weak.

4.2. UNESCO Examined international communications issues. Specifically the inequality of information between the first and third worlds.

4.2.1. These discussions brought a New World Information and Communication Order (NWICO).

4.3. Democratized media

4.4. Alternative and radical media

5. Community Media in the Civil Society Context

5.1. Political process

5.1.1. Civil Public service broadcasting BNN

5.1.2. State

5.1.3. policy

5.1.4. Connect government with communities Alternative development

5.2. Free speech

6. Peer/Colleague Feedback

6.1. Community

6.1.1. Pre-political

6.1.2. Uncalculated

6.1.3. Affinity and identification

6.2. Governance

6.2.1. Management and institutions

6.2.2. State

6.2.3. Market

6.2.4. Structures and institutionsd that determine how the media is managed.