Functions of Google

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Functions of Google by Mind Map: Functions of Google

1. Google Docs

1.1. Learning Goals

1.2. Learning Activities

1.3. Teacher Roles

1.3.1. Collaboration Opportunities Collaboration Techniques Students Other Educators

1.3.2. Monitoring of on-going work Individual Students Student Groups Can view revision history to see who did what and when

1.3.3. Create global connections

1.3.4. Increase access to teacher via chat

1.3.5. Maintain centralized information

1.4. Learning Assessment

2. Google Forms

2.1. Functions

2.1.1. Create Surveys

2.1.2. Take Polls

2.1.3. Collaborate with Others by using a live form

2.1.4. Gather Information

2.2. Benefits

2.2.1. Quickly receive data

2.2.2. Easily analyze data as a summary in a spreadsheet as a downloadable document

2.2.3. Quickly see who has responded

2.2.4. No special accounts needed for access

2.3. Accessibility

2.3.1. Create Specialized Link Private

2.3.2. Send via Email

2.3.3. Publish on a Public Website

2.3.4. Works through Google Sheets

3. Google Classroom Platform

3.1. Benefits

3.1.1. Collaboration Between teachers This is a new function, recently added within the last month. Teachers can now share common collaborative courses, versus creating and posting all assignments in their own, to ensure all similar courses are getting the same information. Between teacher and student

3.1.2. Communication Email Google Classroom Announcements Assignments

3.1.3. Grading Student Work with Google

3.2. Accessibility

3.2.1. Google for Education Teachers Students Absent students Homebound students ISS/OSS students Responsible students

3.2.2. Downfalls Parents can't access what they're kids see unless they login as their student to their Google account Only accessible to teachers and students whose school has invested in Google for Education

3.3. Functions

3.3.1. Make assignments available for students to see, edit (all at once), or have their own copy to edit. Google Docs Google Slides Google Forms Google Sheets

3.3.2. Provide announcements to keep students aware of what is going on in class

3.3.3. Organized through Google Drive

3.3.4. Setting up Assignments Can set up multiple classes at once Variety of options for accessing documents Students can SEE Students can EDIT (same document) Students can have their OWN copy to edit

3.4. Short Comings

3.4.1. No Direct Connection to Parents Must have email assigned to Google for Education within the district attempting to access

3.4.2. Organization Linear Cumbersome to locate past assignments

4. Google Slides

4.1. Functions

4.1.1. Create Presentations

4.1.2. Viewing Presentations

4.1.3. Sharing Information

4.2. Accessibility

4.2.1. In Class with partners teacher can assist

4.2.2. At Home add edit review

4.2.3. Account password protected private access

4.3. Collaboration

4.3.1. Creating Together contributing to a larger project

4.3.2. Editing Together adding/changing ideas

4.3.3. Sharing with teacher make public