Amazon Rainforest

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Amazon Rainforest by Mind Map: Amazon Rainforest

1. Rubber Tappers

1.1. Rubber tappers collect sap from rubber trees without hurting them.

1.2. Rubber tappers have lived in the amazon basin for generations and they get the sap from rubber trees to make rubber products such as erasers and tires.

1.3. This won't have an effect on the forest because collecting the sap dosent hurt the trees.

2. Settlers

2.1. Settlers who come to rain forests clear trees for farmland.

2.2. A great population of Brazil is poor so Brazil suggested that the poor should move into the amazon forest.

2.3. If they cut down a lot of trees it could ruin the forest and it would take age for the trees to grow back to where they were.

3. Native Amazonians

3.1. Native people have lived in the rain forest for about 12,000 years. In recent years native Amazonian have lost land by loggers, farmers, and ranchers.

3.2. There used to be 10 million Natives living in the Amazon forest and they want to continue their culture.

3.3. If we let them live there, environmentalists wont be able to study the forest. If they do live there though it will stop the forest from being cut down.

4. Environmentalist

4.1. It is estimated that 100 plants, animals, and insets everyday are dying. Some of these species haven't been discovered yet.

4.2. They want to keep the amazon forest to study it and has conflicted with other groups.

4.3. We can learn a lot about the animals, insects and plants there, and learn more about the forest.

5. Cattle Ranchers

5.1. Cattle ranchers is now the main cause of deforestation in the rain forest.

5.2. They want to use the amazon basin for cattle country. Even though the Amazon cattle ranchers are a small group they own larger areas of rain forest land.

5.3. This can wipe out out the forest and kill all the plants, animals, and insects that haven't been discovered yet. That means Environmentalists wont have anything to study and native amazonians wouldn't be able to live there.

6. Loggers

6.1. In the 1960's loggers began building dirt roads into the rain forest. People have been developing land near theses roads, and in time they will be paved highways.

6.2. Logging companies began moving in the amazon basin during the 1960's. Loggers get wood from trees to make wood products. Which can harm the forest.

6.3. They can ruin the habitat if they cut down a lot of trees, some trees being 100s of years old. They can completly wipe out the forest.

7. Settlers and loggers can destroy the amazon rain forest. Some of them want it for the resources, but Native Amazonian just want to continure there culture.